Vasily Solnechny: how to find out the future and attract prosperity on April 4

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Today the church honors the memory of the priest Vasily Ankirsky. The people called him Vasily Solnechny or Warm.

Sunday, April 4, is considered a good day, as you can bring material well-being to your home. On this day, you can also find out the future, for this you just need to follow the sun. If, after sunrise, a person immediately sees a halo or glowing circles, then he will live in abundance throughout the year.

Also today you need to bring symbols in the form of the sun into the house, which will also attract wealth. Alternatively, you can embroider the sun or make it out of paper, or paint.

Most of the wealth will come from baked goods in the shape of the sun. Therefore, the hostesses on this day baked cookies, pies or pancakes, similar to a heavenly body. Those who taste such a treat will have prosperity and success. And if you feed strangers with these dishes, then wealth will grow significantly.

What not to do on Saint Basil’s Day, April 4:

– stay home;

– walk in old shoes and dirty clothes;

– drink alcoholic beverages;

– offend cats and dogs;

– to think about the bad, to conceive evil;

– to offend others with neither word nor action.

Today celebrate name days Efim, Vasily, Apollinaria, Aglaya, Vasilisa, Taisia, Daria.

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