Vasilisa Volodina: what ladies will be happy with this spring

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The astrologer said that the girls who are favored by Venus in Taurus are waiting for an influx of energy, love, money and comfort.

The specialist in star luminaries emphasized that on May 9, luck and happiness will smile at absolutely all women. It turns out that Venus is “to blame” for this, which will be in Taurus and will bring a lot of well-being to the beautiful half of humanity, Volodina noted in her microblog.

The astrologer advised girls to change their image to attract happiness. During this period, you can not be afraid of going to a beauty salon for a new look. Vasilisa Volodina recalled that happiness does not like gloomy ones, so you can cancel all diets for a while and please yourself with small indulgences.

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To attract good luck to the house, the astrologer recommends buying a beautiful accessory. And also to update your wardrobe for spring with stylish, but always comfortable things.

Women who are building careers need to think about the future at this time. The astrologer assures that these days they will certainly be visited by brilliant ideas that will bring a lot of income and help to get closer to promotion.

Girls in love should finally open up to a man whom she really likes. During this period, you can fearlessly confess your feelings, because he will probably reciprocate.

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