Vasilisa Volodina: May will bring a “white stripe” to the three signs of the zodiac

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Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina believes that in May the “white streak” of life will come at three signs of the zodiac, reports “NTR-24”. Representatives of these signs can achieve a lot if they make some effort.

Positive impressions and events await Capricorns, who can finally breathe freely. Finally, Capricorns can forget about health problems and money problems. In May, they will have many opportunities to improve both their health and financial situation.

A happy time awaits Rakov. Thoughts will acquire unprecedented strength, and desires will come true easily. Cancers during this period can have prophetic dreams in which they can learn about fateful events. The intuition of the representatives of this zodiac sign will also be on top.

Taurus, who are workaholics, are also lucky. They will have enough strength and energy for the whole month with interest. True, it is important not to earn money, and find time for pleasure. Taurus will have time for self-development, and there is also a high probability of meeting love. In general, May for the representatives of this zodiac sign will be filled with emotions.

However, another famous astrologer, Pavel Globa, has a different opinion. He believes that in May Cancers and Taurus can fall for the bait of manipulators and become victims of machinations. And this is not a pleasant thing.