Vaping and Movies: Impact on Each Other

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By Marilyn Royce

The modern film industry is developing quite rapidly, reading the novelties of the modern age or sometimes even ahead of them. Often, film directors reflect on our everyday life so that the audience better immerse themselves in the picture or the idea that the author is trying to convey and not pay attention to some strange things that are not in harmony with their reality. That is why you will see everything that surrounds your everyday life in most films. For example, in old films, the morning was accompanied by an alarm clock and getting dressed for work. In new films, this morning ritual of getting ready for work is accompanied by Alexa or Google, which executes the owner’s voice commands. Films reflect modern mundanity, from clothes and household appliances to cars and even political news.

Therefore, by studying cinematography, one can read not only the author’s idea but also the trend of modernity in the context of this idea. This is a great opportunity to travel back in time and get an answer to the question of how my parents or my grandparents lived. In the same way, thanks to the films of our time, you can trace how we lived. Thanks to the films, this opportunity to follow modern trends will help us discover how common electronic cigarettes are today.

The Display of E-cigarettes in Movies is a Marker of Time and their Popularity

Suppose you see a film where the protagonists or secondary characters use the Best Non Nicotine Vapes 2023 instead of a cigarette. In that case, you can understand that this film was made no earlier than 2006, when electronic cigarettes had just started going on sale. What’s more, users of electronic cigarettes will be able to tell more precisely about the film’s release time by the type and model of the device without knowing it in advance. However, it is important to understand that even the coolest actor has a nicotine free vape, which in no way indicates that one should smoke electronic cigarettes to be cool. And by no means indicates that vaping is not harmful. Moreover, looking at how movie characters smoke electronic cigarettes, it is important to understand that this is not the only way to relieve stress or tension.

Despite the points that can mislead us, in addition to indicating the time of the filming, vaping in the film tapes points us to some other points. First, the frequency of film actors holding a vape indicates its popularity rating. Knowing that vaping is mostly not sufficiently researched, and there have been no articles by WHO stating that vaping is useful, we can see how certain social groups see vaping reflected in films or even the author of the film himself.

The Way Vaping is Presented in the Movies

Each film is quite particular, and accordingly, if you consider all the characteristics of all film products, you can get lost in their number and variety. That is why we offer to consider the presentation of electronic cigarettes in films through the prism of whether the author highlights it as something good or, on the contrary, as something bad. This approach will answer the main questions, namely, how popular vape (includes vaping without nicotine) is and whether society sees it positively.

No Matter What the Science Tells us, Vaping is still Popular

The fact that vape pens appear on screens shows that they are popular. Opponents of vaping can unanimously shout that it is not so popular, but simply that the owners of vape corporations pay a lot of money to actors so that they use their devices during some scenes. In many cases, this might be true. Still, the fact that vaping on the screens is a puffed-up advertisement does not discredit its popularity. On the contrary, shows that the demand for this product has given the owners a good income, using which they can afford to buy such expensive advertising. So, despite how the nicotine free vape pen gets on TV screens, the important fact remains that it is there because it is in demand and, therefore, popular.

The Benefits of Vaping in the Movies

Obviously, among popular films, it isn’t easy to find one where vaping is described as something undeniably useful. This usefulness is usually hidden, and vaping is presented as something that complements your life (certain pauses of the actors in the conversation to take a puff). Vaping is an integral part of conversations, relaxation, and relaxation. That is, the role of vape pens in films that aim to leave a positive impression on the viewer about this kind of smoking device is extremely neutral at first glance. Although it is rather positive, and although the actors do not say that vaping is cool, they show this message and reach the viewer as an approving message towards vaping.

To reinforce this positivity, advertisers pay a lot of money to have their device held by a popular actor, for example, in the movie The Tourist 2010, where the main actor Johnny Depp vapes. There are many such examples. Unfortunately, many people who follow their idols are drawn to this advertisement because of them. However, this type of advertising is needed so that viewers will buy electronic cigarettes, and those who already have them will want to change their devices to smoke exactly as the main character does. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that viewing smoking scenes encourages smoking. So, in any of these three cases, vape industry owners win.

The Harm of Vaping being Shown in the Movies

In feature films, as a rule, there are no moments where it is directly said or non-verbally that vaping can have a harmful effect. And if such scenes happen, the percentage of such films is quite low. However, there have been many documentaries since 2014 about the harmful effects of vaping on the human body. Even a non nicotine vape pen can be less dangerous or harmful depending on the liquid you use. These documentaries have confirmed the scientific base, which barely has time to research new types of vapes and e liquids.


Movies still give us a grain of truth and reality, along with a handful of propaganda and advertising. Suppose you know how to read these manipulations in films over time. In that case, you can get to the content where the only planted opinion will be the author’s opinion, not the advertiser’s or political technologist’s. The same applies to vaping in these movies. The e-cigarette industry is trying to install more of it in us in various non-verbal ways, which from the point of view of marketing, is more effective than verbal communication. Therefore, our task is to filter out these manipulations while at the same time understanding that vaping is extremely popular, and it is quickly capturing the market, breaking into all areas of our lives. So, enjoy movies as a work of art, and draw information from scientific sources.