Valuev gave a forecast for the fight between Kudryashov and Romanov

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Former WBA heavyweight boxing champion, politician Nikolai Valuev gave a forecast for the fight between Russian boxers Dmitry Kudryashov and Evgeny Romanov.

According to Valuev, there are no favorites in the upcoming fight, since both athletes are approaching the confrontation “on equal terms”. He noted the great experience of Kudryashov, who more than once entered the ring with famous boxers, but not all meetings ended with his victory, including a knockout, Valuev recalled.

“With regard to Dima, I got the impression that in his functional state the position that is sometimes called“ crystal jaw ”has come. I watched the blows that he missed, this gives me the conditional right to assume cautiously that in fact everything is happening. And this will be the side that he personally needs to fear, and Romanov, of course, use it to its fullest, “Valuev said in an interview with REN TV on Tuesday, May 4.

He expressed confidence that the audience will see an uncompromising and serious fight, since both boxers have been preparing for the fight for a long time.

“Kudryashov loves to exchange blows, but here Romanov has certain trump cards, where he can manage to interrupt Kudryashov’s conditional streak on this exchange, and at that moment the fight may end ahead of schedule, because both boxers have cannon strikes, this is a heavy weight category, you have to understand perfectly well that one missed hit can mean a lot, “added Valuev.

The ex-world boxing champion did not express his preferences in favor of this or that athlete.

Earlier, on May 3, Eldar Kenkerli, a coach, commentator and champion of Russia in army hand-to-hand fighting, spoke about the strengths of Kudryashov and Romanov. According to him, both athletes have “excellent striking technique.”

On May 21, the boxers will meet in a duel at the GAZFIGHT tournament in the Khimki basketball center. Kudryashov and Romanov will fight for the world title of the new division according to the WBC version. They will be the first boxers to compete in the Bridgerweight category – up to 101.6 kg. Previously, there were no fights in such weight in Russia yet.