USA three months before the elections accused the Russian Federation, China and Iran of interference

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Three months before the presidential elections, the US authorities again accused Russia, China and Iran of trying to interfere in the American electoral process. This is stated in a statement by the director of the US National Center for Counterintelligence and Security (NCSC) William Evanina.

He said in a statement that ahead of the November 2020 elections, “other states will continue to use covert and explicit leverage in their attempts to influence the preferences of American voters, change US policy,” and “exacerbate divisions in the country and undermine American confidence” in democratic process in the United States.

According to Evanina, foreign actors allegedly have their own preferences for who should win the elections, which they express through a series of open and private statements.

“We are primarily concerned about the current and potential activities of China, Russia and Iran,” he said.

Washington is sure that the Russian Federation is trying to “denigrate” former US Vice President Joseph Biden, as well as “what it considers the anti-Russian establishment.” According to him, persons “connected with the Kremlin” “are also trying to promote the candidacy of the current US President Donald Trump on social networks and on Russian television.

China and Iran, on the other hand, do not want Trump’s re-election for a second term, the head of the NCSC notes. According to Washington’s estimates, Beijing prefers that the current American leader not be re-elected.

Iran is “seeking to undermine the democratic institutions of the United States”, the activities of the Trump administration, as well as to divide the country on the eve of the November 2020 elections. Evanina pointed to Tehran’s dissemination of disinformation and anti-American materials on social networks.

“Foreign attempts to influence or interfere with our elections pose a direct threat to the foundations of our democracy,” the NCSC chief stressed, noting that it would still be difficult for US opponents to intervene and manipulate the voting results on an appropriate scale.

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