USA launches program to develop civil society in Azerbaijan

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The American International Development Agency intends to launch a program in Azerbaijan, the purpose of which is to “strengthen” the country’s civil society. This was reported on Friday, April 23rd, by RT with reference to the description of the grant.

It is planned to allocate an amount of up to $ 15 million for the implementation of the corresponding program.

The United States initiative is to help Azerbaijani citizens and civil society organizations communicate with each other and the government on various issues.

The goal is to strengthen official and unofficial civic associations, as well as support and expand their participation in promoting the development of Azerbaijan in the social and economic spheres by “introducing innovative practices of involvement in work at the local and regional levels.”

The agency noted that the support of citizens and civil societies of Azerbaijan in terms of effective interaction with the state will help the states to make “a more significant contribution to the socio-economic development of their communities and to improve governance in their zones of influence.”

The day before, on April 21, it became known about the plans of the American State Department to allocate $ 120 thousand to strengthen the media market in Kazakhstan.