US users reported crashes in Apple services

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In the United States, users reported failures in the services of the American company Apple. This was reported on April 28 on the website of the Downdetector service, which monitors the work of Internet resources.

The most common complaints were from iTunes users who reported problems downloading data and difficulties logging into their account.

Also, American users had problems with the App Store service, 85% of users stated difficulties in connecting to which, 14% could not log into their account.

They also complained about the Apple Music music service, 89% of those reporting a failure in its work noted problems when listening to music, 7% noted difficulties with authorization, 3% – during the operation of the site.

In addition, complaints about the operation of Apple services came from Canada and the UK.

Earlier, on April 25, American users reported problems with the social network Twitter.

31% had problems with the application for iPhone or iPad, another 17% of users encountered difficulties during authorization.

In early April, similar failures were also observed on Facebook. In most cases (87%), problems with the site were reported, and another 12% of the problems occurred when logging into the social network.