US to resume engagement with UN Human Rights Council

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US resumes cooperation with the UN Human Rights Council. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the corresponding decision of the new US President Joe Biden on February 8.

“Our departure in June 2018 did not contribute to significant changes, but instead created a vacuum in the US leadership, which countries with authoritarian programs used to their advantage,” the press service of the State Department quoted Blinken as saying.

At the same time, he stressed that the United States views the Human Rights Council as an imperfect body in need of reform.

Blinken noted that the Human Rights Council, if done correctly, can become an important platform for those who fight against injustice and tyranny. In addition, he said, the UN Council contributes to the promotion of fundamental freedoms around the world.

“In the near future, the United States will interact with the Council as an observer, and in that capacity will have the opportunity to serve on the Council, participate in negotiations and work with others to present resolutions,” the Secretary of State added.

In 2018, Washington announced its withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council, explaining the decision by the organization’s biased attitude towards the United States and Israel. The statement came after the HRC adopted a series of resolutions condemning the actions of the Jewish state.

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