US taxpayers will start receiving direct payments of $ 1400

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American taxpayers will start receiving direct payments in the amount of $ 1400 on March 13-14. This was reported by CNBC on Saturday, March 13.

This amount is due to every family member, including adults, children and – for the first time since the start of the pandemic – adult dependents, such as students or retirees. Money will be received in the form of checks or on special debit cards issued earlier.

It is noted that payments are due only to those taxpayers whose annual earnings do not exceed $ 75 thousand for one adult or $ 150 thousand for two working in a family. Those among American taxpayers are about 85%.

An example is a married couple with two children who are expected to receive up to $ 5,600. Prior to that, two rounds of payments were carried out, in which the same family could receive $ 3400 and $ 2400, respectively, that is, the third package became the most generous.

The direct payments are included in the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package that Congress approved and signed by President Joe Biden. With the adoption of the document, Americans are expected to receive payments of up to $ 1400 per person.

Also $ 300 will be added to the weekly unemployment benefits. US citizens will be extended tax breaks for children up to $ 3,600 per child, and low-income citizens will be helped with rent.

In March, the US president thanked the Senate for passing the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus bill. The American leader stressed that the coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of more than half a million Americans, forcing more than 400 thousand businesses to close, depriving millions of the country’s residents of jobs.

On January 22, Biden said that the economic crisis in the United States caused by the coronavirus pandemic is only deepening, therefore decisive and urgent measures are needed.