US suspects Russia of “directed energy” attacks

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The Pentagon suspected Russia of attacks against US troops using “directed energy” technology and told several US congressmen about it, Politico newspaper writes on Thursday, April 22, citing informed sources.

According to the newspaper, the US military department said that it was impossible to formally name anyone involved in such “attacks”, since symptoms from such an effect may arise due to a number of other factors. At the same time, the Pentagon has traditionally considered Russia to be probably responsible for the attacks. There is no evidence for this in the material.

The Pentagon has been investigating such incidents since last year, former US national security officials told the newspaper. The US Department of Defense informed about it two main groups of congressmen. As part of the investigation, the department, among other things, checks the impact on its employees around the world.

Members of Congress, whose words are quoted by the publication, described one of the cases of an allegedly similar attack, which was referred to in the Pentagon report. So, as a result of an incident that allegedly took place in the fall of 2020 in Syria, several American servicemen developed symptoms similar to those that occur with ARVI.

Another former national security officer told the publication that the suspicions of US officials that the US military had allegedly suffered in Syria from an attack using “directed energy” technology had not been confirmed. In one of the cases they studied, the symptoms were only signs of food poisoning.

Sources of the newspaper at the same time noted that the Pentagon investigation has grown into a large-scale discussion with the participation of the National Security Council, the CIA, the State Department and the office of the US Director of National Intelligence. Some members of Congress, as noted, clarified that the Americans were the target of such attacks, presumably from Russia.

According to the Pentagon, as the newspaper emphasized in the US Congress, the likely “directed energy” attacks are similar to those allegedly committed against the Americans in Cuba in 2016 and 2017. It is a question of the assumption that then the US diplomats may have been exposed to an unidentified sound exposure, after which some of them experienced long-term health effects.

Senator Jim Inhof from the Armed Forces Committee, in turn, told the newspaper that the corresponding Pentagon investigation would continue.

At the same time, one of the representatives of the Pentagon told the publication that the department did not know anything about the alleged attacks with the use of “directed energy” weapons against US troops in Syria.

In late February, it was reported that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had set up a task force to investigate alleged “acoustic” attacks on US intelligence personnel. It was noted that the intelligence community had previously studied “acoustic attacks” for decades.

The fact that the American embassy in Cuba was subjected to so-called acoustic attacks in the States was announced in September 2017. Then about 20 American diplomats complained of nausea, hearing loss and dizziness.

Cuban experts then conducted investigations and found no evidence of Washington’s accusations. Moreover, they concluded that in this case they were talking about the chirping of crickets or cicadas.