US chief infectious disease specialist praised Sputnik V

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The chief US infectious disease specialist, Anthony Fauci, said that the data he knew about the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine was good enough. He spoke about this in an interview with the Greek TV channel Skai on Saturday, March 6.

“The data that I know about Sputnik V is good enough. I don’t have enough information about the Chinese vaccine because they have two or three different vaccines. So I didn’t closely monitor their effectiveness, but the Russian data looks good, ”the expert said.

In January, a reporter for the American newspaper The New York Times, Andrew Crammer, who works in Moscow, told why he decided to be vaccinated with Sputnik V. He praised the Russian scientists working on the vaccine.

In his opinion, “the politicized deployment only hid the good test results” of this drug, which “seems to be a genuine achievement” by Russian scientists who continue “the long and legendary practice of developing vaccines.”

Krammer emphasized the availability of this vaccine for the population and pointed out the absence of vaccination queues in Moscow clinics.

According to the results of the third phase of clinical trials of “Sputnik V” published in early February by the authoritative medical journal The Lancet, its effectiveness was 91.6% after analyzing data from more than 19 thousand volunteers. For severe cases of COVID-19 – 100%.

To date, this Russian vaccine has been registered in more than 40 countries, including it was allowed to be used in the EU countries – Hungary and Slovakia.

The drug was developed at the Gamaleya Center. It became the first coronavirus vaccine in Russia and the world. It was registered on August 11 last year. The final efficiency was 91.4%, and the preventive effectiveness against severe cases was 100%.