Unusual signs of thrombosis named

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Symptoms of the so-called silent thrombosis, which are usually diagnosed in a dangerous stage, are shortness of breath, shortness of breath, problems with blood circulation, sometimes leading to fainting. Writes about this German edition Focus.

These symptoms distinguish latent thrombosis from normal thrombosis. They require immediate response and medical attention to prevent shock and heart failure, according to a February 18 report.

Signs of common deep vein thrombosis of the legs are muscle pain, pain in the calves, cramps, skin changes in the affected area, a feeling of a “warm leg”.

As doctors remind, the prevention of thrombosis is actually quite simple and has a beneficial effect not only on the state of blood vessels, blood flow properties and blood circulation, but also on general health. You need to move a lot. Brisk walking, as well as cycling, swimming and dancing are ideal sports, experts say.

As it became known in the fall of 2020, COVID-19 can cause thrombosis, because it affects the dynamic system of the body. Experts said that both ischemic and hemorrhagic disorders can occur in the head.