United States: the first checks of the stimulus plan paid this weekend

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Americans are expected to receive, as of this weekend, the first checks and transfers of $ 1,400 per person provided for in the $ 1,900 billion stimulus package ratified by Joe Biden on Thursday, the administration announced on Friday.

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The first payments will be sent by wire transfer and “some recipients will start receiving them this weekend, and others in the coming week,” the treasury secretariat and the tax administration said in press releases.

The exact number of beneficiaries was not specified, but the total amount could be around $ 400 billion.

Millions of Americans, whose annual incomes are less than $ 75,000 per person or $ 150,000 per married couple, will receive a check for $ 1,400 per adult and per child.

The amount will decrease up to $ 80,000 in income per person and $ 160,000 per couple. Those who earn more will not be able to receive a check.

These criteria are restrictive compared to the plan initially presented by Joe Biden.

His name will not appear on checks, as it did with his predecessor Donald Trump.

American households, to cope with the crisis caused by COVID-19, had already received checks of $ 1,200 per adult and $ 500 per child, in April 2020 under the Cares Act, and $ 600 per person early January 2021, as part of the second recovery plan.

Joe Biden’s stimulus package, totaling $ 1.9 trillion, was passed definitively Wednesday in Congress – despite opposition from Republicans – and signed Thursday by Joe Biden.

It must, according to the White House, create more than 7 million new jobs this year, make health care more affordable, provide aid for vaccinations, but also halve child poverty.