United States: Passenger who died in flight possibly had COVID-19

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U.S. Public Health is attempting to contact all passengers on a United Airlines flight between Orlando and Los Angeles, after learning that a man who died during the flight had symptoms attributable to COVID-19.

The man suffered cardiac arrest aboard United Airlines Flight 591 on Monday, the US airline said in a statement.

It was during his transport to a hospital that his wife mentioned to paramedics that he had symptoms related to COVID-19, including a loss of smell and taste, the spokesperson said according to CNN .

Symptoms that were not mentioned to the airline when they checked in for the flight. The passenger also reportedly admitted on the checklist that he had not tested positive for the virus, the US channel said.

“It is obvious that he misrecognized this requirement,” the spokesperson said after receiving more information on the passenger’s state of health.

While the man was evacuated from the plane in New Orleans during the medical emergency, the approximately 200 passengers on the flight continued their journey to their final destination.

The passengers were offered the possibility of disembarking, but “a change of plane was not justified”, added the spokesperson in a statement.

United Airlines had announced on Wednesday that it would request additional contact information if a passenger ever tested positive for COVID-19.

Delta airline had put in place similar measures earlier this month, CNN said.

So far, no major outbreak of the virus has been attributed to a commercial flight in the United States.

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