United States: denounce your wanted ex for Valentine’s Day

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A special weekend to denounce his ex-Valentine wanted by the authorities, it is the rather particular initiative which was proposed Thursday by the office of the sheriff of the county of Nash, in North Carolina.

The police department promoted a “special Valentine’s Day weekend” on its Facebook page on Thursday.

“Do you have an ex-Valentine who has outstanding mandates that you know of?” Give us a call giving us their location and we’ll take care of the rest, ”read the beginning of the sheriff’s office message.

Nash County authorities go on to offer a service that includes “a set of limited edition platinum wristbands, free chauffeured transportation, and a minimum overnight stay in [leurs] luxury accommodation (five stars). ”

The post drew several hundred comments, some being enticed by the idea of ​​law enforcement officials and others much less, the “New York Post” noted.

“Not only do the police in our county provide us with excellent service, they also entertain us,” one person in the post said.