United States: a law to teach drivers to interact with the police

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The Georgia State Senate on Friday passed a bill to require drivers to undergo training to teach them how to interact with police during traffic stops, a move decided after a police shooting that resulted in the death of an African American.

This training course given by the Department of Public Security would thus teach “best practices concerning what a driver should do during a road stop”, the American daily reported. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I think a strong program put in place statewide will reduce a lot of violence and a lot of confusion when citizens come into contact with law enforcement, especially roadside checks,” said the Republican and former senator. policeman, Randy Robertson.

The bill passed by majority vote was proposed after the police shooting that resulted in the death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta last June.

The 27-year-old African-American was shot twice in the back as he tried to escape the police who arrested him when he fell asleep in his vehicle in line for a service at the steering wheel from Wendy’s.

Democrats opposed the bill, saying it would not provide a solution to the police treatment of minorities.

“Profiling still exists,” said Democratic Senator Gloria Butler. “I think if everything were equal, if everyone were treated the same in all areas, we wouldn’t be thinking of instructions on how to interact with the police. African Americans are treated differently. It’s that simple.”