United Russia will make Putin’s message the basis of the electoral program

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The United Russia party will make the president’s message the basis of its 2021 election program. This was announced on Wednesday, April 21, by the secretary of the general council of the party, Andrei Turchak.

“United Russia” immediately begins to implement the president’s message – it will become the basis of the program with which the party will go to the elections to the State Duma, “the official Telegram-channel of the party quotes the politician.

According to Turchak, the meeting of the program committee of the party, where instructions will be given to the factions of “United Russia” on the legislative support of the goals voiced by the president, will take place tomorrow.

“Decisions to launch a program to replace utility networks and support large infrastructure projects can become locomotives of regional growth,” Turchak said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 21 read out a message to the Federal Assembly. In his speech, the head of state touched upon many important topics related to the internal structure of the country, as well as its international policy. In addition, he touched upon the topic of the country’s economic well-being, outlining further strategic plans for the development of Russia.