Understanding Eo Ev Charger Installation the Basic Guide

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If you are a newbie to the world of electric driving, then EO EV Charger Installation might be a relatively new term for you. Understanding EV charging stations require time and might also seem like an impossible prospect to fulfill. However, we have tried to make it a bit easier for you.

To understand EO EV charging basics; keep reading through as we clarify all the basics for you, in this piece of article.

EO Charging Overview

To begin with, EO charging is an electric car charging station UK manufacturer. EO is an abbreviation for electricity online and the concept was brought to life in 2015 by Charlie Jardine.

The basic theme of EO EV Charger Installation is reliability and simplicity. The quality and durability of these EO chargers are much more, compared to other manufacturers in the market. The company focuses on creating charging solutions for EV fleet operators like Amazon.

For home EV charging, a professional EO EV Charger Installation expert is required. Moreover, the models vary according to your usage. They differ for home and business charging, providing you with incredible solutions for all. Zappi EV charger installation is also a good recommendation by the experts.

Benefits of Smart EV Charger Solutions:

Before you get a Zappi EV Charger Installation for your home or business, it is important to understand the benefits that electric vehicle chargers have to offer. Why are they so hyped in the market these days? Let’s find out.

  • Fast Charging:

The EV chargers have maximum charging powers and make the charging experience quicker than the traditional sockets.

  • Safer Charging Option:

Smart chargers are a much safer option for electric vehicles. This is because they test the connection between the device and the car before starting the charging. Features like dynamic load management further add safety to these charging solutions.

  • Consumption Monitoring:

EV chargers also help you monitor your consumption. Moreover, if you connect your device to a charging service, the EV owner gets charged directly as well.

EO EV Charger Installation
EO EV Charger Installation

The Best Home EV Charger

If you are looking for a small yet efficient EO EV charger installation, then the EO Mini Pro 2 is a game-changer, for sure. It is the smallest electric vehicle charger in the world, at the moment.

With a very simple and minimal electrical installation and an adjustable maximum charging current, this charger doesn’t fail to impress its users. It is also compatible with all phone devices, i.e. android and IOS.

It also comes with integrated load management and solar matching functionality. Although these are optional extra features, you can always make use of them, whenever required.

The Best Business EV Charger

On the other hand, the best Zappi EV Charger Installation for businesses is said to be the EO Genius Commercial EV Charger. It is specifically designed for fleets, destinations, and apartments. With a 3-year warranty, its power ratings are impeccable and it has static and dynamic load management too.

The app has smart integration with iCloud via both IOS and Android smartphone systems. EO Genius Commercial EV charger is a promising one for business needs.


Smart charging is a wonderful solution for electric vehicles these days. It brings a reliable and secure connection between the charging device and an electric vehicle easily. You can easily get real-time control over your charging event, along with quick charging anytime.

Whether you are planning to get EO Ev charger installation for your home or business; make sure that you do ample research before choosing a solution. Hire professional and experienced service to install the chargers for you. And we hope that you enjoy your smart EV charging experience to the fullest.