Under Secretary of State to meet with Tihanovskaya in Vilnius

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US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigan plans to meet with ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Vilnius. The talks are scheduled for Monday, August 24, her headquarters said.

It is planned that the meeting will become part of efforts to resolve the crisis that has arisen in Belarus, writes Reuters. The agency notes that Bigan will visit Vilnius on his way to Moscow, where he also plans to discuss the Belarusian settlement.

The plans of the Deputy Secretary of State to visit Vilnius and Moscow became known on August 21, but the exact dates of the trip were not named.

Since August 9, protests and clashes with the security forces have continued in Belarus. Those who disagreed with the outcome of the presidential election rallies in many cities of the country. According to the CEC, the current head of state, Alexander Lukashenko, got 80.1% of the vote and won; about 10% voted for Tikhanovskaya.

In addition to opposition rallies, rallies in support of Lukashenka are held. At the same time, Izvestia noted that both sides oppose external interference in the country’s affairs.

On August 21, Tikhanovskaya, who left Minsk for Lithuania, announced that she would not participate in the new presidential elections if they are held again in the near future. On August 22, a member of the Presidium of the Coordination Council of the Opposition (CC), former Minister of Culture of the republic, Pavel Latushko, said that the opposition has not yet decided who will be the presidential candidate in the event of a new election of the head of state.

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