Ukrainian MP made a scandal during Zelensky’s speech

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Ukrainian MP Yuriy Kamelchuk made a scandal during a speech by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the opening of the 11th Congress of his Servant of the People party. About this on Saturday, March 13, writes “”

It is noted that the dispute arose between the politician and the guards, who did not let him into the hall. As an argument, they provided the lack of evidence of Kamelchuk’s registration for the event.

The footage published by the publication shows that several people blocked the deputy’s path to the hall where Zelensky spoke. At the same time, the politician tries to break into the event and enters into a skirmish with the guards.

On March 1, it became known that the Ukrainian pro-presidential party Servant of the People was deprived of state funding due to violations in financial reporting. The political forces found signs of criminal offenses under the articles “Violation of the procedure for financing the election campaign”, “Official falsification of official documents” and “Embezzlement, embezzlement of property on an especially large scale or taking possession of it through abuse of official position” in the documents for two reporting periods.

On November 10, 2019, the congress of Zelensky’s Servant of the People party took place against the backdrop of a political scandal due to the fact that the majority MPs did not receive an invitation to the congress.

It was clarified that several deputies from the Servant of the People, elected to the parliament from the party in single-mandate constituencies, said that they had not received an invitation to the congress. The leadership of the party explained this decision by the fact that the deputies who were not invited are not its members. After the public indignation of the majority, they were invited, but only as guests of the congress, without the right to vote. At the same time, they were offered to join the party before the start of the congress, which would give them the right to vote.

According to the latest polls, Servant of the People is in third place in the rating of political parties in Ukraine – 16.3% of the country’s residents are ready to vote for it. This was evidenced by the data of the Kiev Institute of Sociological and Marketing Research as of March 1, 2021.