Ukrainian journalist suggested attacking Russia with nuclear waste

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Ukraine can send Russia “into the Middle Ages” by adopting missiles, including those with nuclear waste, said Ukrainian journalist Maxim Kukhar.

According to him, in the event of a military clash with the Russian Federation, Kiev has four methods of protection.

First of all, he proposes to put into operation about 500 old Soviet missiles, completing them with nuclear waste.

“This will be the nuclear strike fist that will deter the enemy from further offensive <...> We have the technology to create old nuclear missiles. We have mountains of nuclear waste, ”Kukhar said on August 6 on the air of UkrLife.

Secondly, the journalist considers it necessary to increase the number of medium and short-range cruise missiles to 10,000, although several tens of billions of dollars will have to be spent on such a measure.

In his opinion, in the event of an attack using 500-1.5 thousand such missiles, the opponent will go to the “Middle Ages”, as power plants, bridges and other infrastructure will be destroyed.

“No Russia will attack us, because President (Vladimir) Zelensky will have a button that will send all of Russia into the Middle Ages,” Kukhar said.

He called the strengthening of the army as the third option, and the joining of Ukraine to the anti-Russian blocs as the fourth.

Such statements are not uncommon in Ukraine. In July last year, Kukhar proposed “urgently” to send Ukrainian troops into Russia. And the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Yuriy Sirotyuk called for the use of space rockets with “dynamite and stones” to attack Moscow.

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