Ukrainian expert compared the successes of Ukraine and Russia in nuclear energy

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In a situation where there is no scientific potential and a unified nuclear industrial complex, there is no need to declare Ukraine’s development of its nuclear energy, unlike Russia. This opinion was expressed on the air of the Nash TV channel by the Ukrainian energy expert Valentin Zemlyansky.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that Kiev is going to switch to the use of the latest nuclear reactors and localize their technological production. As the leader of the country specified, Ukraine is determined to form its own nuclear power industry in order to ensure energy security and synchronize the national energy system with the energy system of the European Union.

Zemlyansky stressed that the USSR possessed a single atomic industrial complex, while in Ukraine its components were torn off from each other. “And say now that we will develop our own nuclear industry – what is this about?” – the expert asks. The specialist pointed out that in Ukraine at the moment there are questions about the extension of operation and completion of unfinished blocks. He stated that “we eat away, we don’t even eat up, but we eat up the resource” inherited from the USSR.