Ukraine abandons the ban on the import of newsprint from Russia

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The Ukrainian government has excluded newsprint from the list of goods that are prohibited from importing from Russia. The corresponding decree is published on the website of the country’s government.

On March 31, it was reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from April 10 banned the import of sunflower oil, wheat, detergents, paper and products from it into the country from the Russian Federation. In particular, detergents, surfactants, newsprint, cardboard, kraft paper and kraft cardboard, cosmetic wipes, toilet paper, tablecloths, hand towels and napkins were added to the list of prohibited goods. Later, the corresponding decree disappeared from the government website.

As follows from the document, which was re-published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, there is no longer newsprint in the list of changes among the goods that are prohibited from being imported into the country. All other positions remained unchanged.

The resolution comes into force 10 days after its publication. At the same time, the date is now indicated on it April 1. The previous decree was published on March 31st.

Since 2016, the Ukrainian government has imposed an embargo on a number of goods from Russia, and the list has been expanded several times.

On March 10, a draft law was introduced to the Verkhovna Rada to restrict the import of electricity from the Russian Federation. According to the document, these measures are necessary to strengthen the energy independence of Ukraine.

In February, the ex-secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov, accused Kiev of “financing” Russia in connection with the purchase of energy resources from the Russian Federation.

In 2019, Ukraine already refused to import electricity from Russia, but later resumed supplies.