Types of Zorbing: A Guide For Beginners

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Ever seen people having fun while being engulfed inside a transparent sphere? Have you ever thought about solving the mystery of that hollow sphere? No? Well, today we are going to do that for you. For a beginner, the sphere is called a zorb ball. So, this article helps you get familiar with the zorb ball, the term zorbing, types of zorbing, and much more.

Thus, it is recommended that you do not miss out on even a single point. It will increase your knowledge so that you too can have fun. Knowing more about a zorb ball means you get to choose the right form of zorbing. Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it. Keep reading.

What is Zorb Ball?

In a layman’s language, a zorb ball is a hollow transparent sphere. It is made of heavy rubber that is filled with air. Also, it has enough space that a person can easily fit inside.

Therefore, a zorb ball is used as a recreational activity to have fun and pass time. Moreover, a zorb ball is safe enough to keep the person riding inside secure.

Let’s now learn a bit about zorbing before heading on to different types of zorbing. Read on. 

Zorbing: A Brief Introduction

Using a zorb ball to do any kind of activity is known as zorbing. Whether you just sit inside a zorb ball or roll down a slope, the choice is yours. Not just that, you can even tackle another person inside a different zorb ball to make it more exciting.

Hence, zorbing is a fun activity in which a person maneuvers a zorb ball from the inside of a zorb ball. 

Types of Zorbing: A Glimpse

Water Zorbing

Clear from the name itself, water zorbing is done on a water body. It could be a pool, lake, river, or ocean. A person rides inside a zorb ball and walks on water. It could be an eye-opener to see a whole new world from a different perspective.

Further, water zorbing has another name, i.e. hydro zorbing. The zorb ball used in water zorbing is nearly similar to that used in land zorbing. However, a little bit of difference is there to make it floatable on a water body.

Land Zorbing

One of the most famous types of zorbing is land zorbing. You can ride a zorb ball on a flat surface or a hilly slope. Mostly, a hilly slope is preferred to make it much more fun and adventurous. A large enough space is chosen where you can easily roll the ball.

To make it more exciting, you can race downhill against another person. You can buy a land zorb ball from Kameymall to have a quality product. It ensures blazing fast delivery without compromising the quality of the products.

Snow Zorbing

A very rare type of zorbing is the one done on a snowy surface. It is not that common since not every part receives snow all the time. Hence, it depends more on a demographic location. In this type of zorbing, a person rides a zorb ball to move seamlessly and in an enjoyable way on snow.

However, snow zorbing is a little more adventurous than any other type of zorbing. It even requires more safety measures in comparison to land or water zorbing. So, you should prepare yourself more if you wish to go for it. Surely it will give you some good adrenaline rush.

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Bubble Zorbing

Also known as bubble soccer or football, bubble zorbing is a little bit different. Instead of complete immersion inside a zorb ball, your half body is engulfed. Your lower body is free to move, kick, and play with the ball.

It involves the active participation of every person involved in the bubble zorbing. Hence, there is a sense of competition always hanging over your head to compete and win. Well, it all depends on you whether you want to do it or not.

Aqua Zorbing

Just like water zorbing, there is aqua zorbing. However, instead of zorbing on top of a  water body, you are on land. But, there is water spilled all over the space. Hence, water is an active ingredient to cut out the friction between the land and the zorb ball.

Aqua zorbing is much more fun than land zorbing, however, less fun than water zorbing. Therefore, you should choose wisely depending on what you want.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are so many types of zorbing. Everything depends on what you choose and how you do it. The most important thing is which type of zorb ball you choose. That is why it is recommended to buy a good quality zorb ball. You should buy it from Kameymall since it offers quality products.

With the right form of zorbing, you can rest assured to enjoy and have fun. So, get out and make memories with zorbing. Stay safe!