Types of Internet Connections That You Can Opt for, No Matter Where You Live in the Country!

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By Henry Jackson

What would you do if you had an urgent task at hand and that’s exactly when you’re the internet service in your area started acting up? As much as you may be in desperate need of a high-speed internet connection at the moment if you are often wrestling with outages or simply just oscillating between zero networks and some connection, then maybe it’s time that you seriously consider getting this issue fixed by a permanent solution. Or simply get a new ISP altogether. Though most top-notch ISPs in the U.S. ensure that even if an outage is expected in the area, then you should always be informed before so that you are never unprepared if a catastrophe does strike out of the blue. But if you are using an average provider and are often tempted to make a run to the nearest Starbucks because the Wi-Fi running there is better than the connection at home, then it’s a sure sign to get a new connection, one that’s robust and easy on the pocket too!

So the next time, you face an internet issue, we suggest that you start strategizing, simply by having single or multiple backup service options. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting time or loss of resources, every time the power goes out. So irrespective of where you live – in a rural region or a bustling cosmopolitan – if the usual ISP options are not up to the mark, then maybe it’s time to switch or simply cut the cord and upgrade to a wireless service! However, one thing is for sure–Americans have plenty of options that they can enjoy when it comes to a stand-alone internet service with zero reliability on phone wire or the cable TV option. Let’s dive straight into the details and find out what are these:

Fiber internet Minus the Wired Hassle

One of the best options in the ISP market is fiber internet. Many factors make this connection type unparalleled among others. Firstly, fiber internet offers uber-fast upload and download speeds, which make it ideal for a wide range of high-end digital activities. Hence, from uninterrupted gameplays to daily video conferences to streaming your favorites on the HD screen and many others, you can enjoy pretty much anything under the moon! With a fiber-based network, you will never have to worry about phone lines breaking down or a cable-based network having a bad service day.

We suggest that you get your hands on a fiber provider like AT&T Internet (dial 855-925-2541 to get this service now!) if it’s available in your area. Even though, ISPs vary price-wise, always opt for a service that’s easily accessible to you. Visit the service centers of some of the most reasonable options in your area to find out all that you can about the service and all that it offers. However, despite all the positives associated with fiber internet, there is just one drawback that needs a mention and that is, fiber internet does not enjoy widespread accessibility. Even though the telecom industry is trying to remedy this but it will still take some time for unreachable areas to enjoy a high-end service like fiber internet. So make the most of this type if it is available to you! 

Cable Internet Minus the Cable TV Subscription

Getting a cable internet service minus the cable TV subscription is another way to get a robust internet service for your home. Especially, if you are in search of a connection type that doesn’t bring in the hassle of either a phone line or a separate TV option, then you can opt for the cable internet option. What’s more, most cable-based ISPs offer a hybrid connection, so you can be assured that you will be provisioned with nothing less than a speedy network connection. Furthermore, this type of internet connection doesn’t necessarily require customers to subscribe to the monthly cable TV service subscription, just so they can opt for the internet from the respective cable company.

Such companies have a multitude of plans that range from stand-alone internet plans to monthly bundles to tiered packages, which are not just impressive but cost-effective for the average customer as well! Hence, making sure that the standard internet user has several different options at hand. While you may not be enthusiastic about the infrastructure that’s dependent on the wire-based structure, one thing is for sure–it is quite commonly available across the country and has some seriously amazing speed tiers that go as high as 500 Mbps and even more, depending on the ISP. However, it’s more than what the average American family uses, so that’s encouraging to say the least.

DSL internet Minus the Home Phone Plan

If you are on the hunt for a cheap internet plan and don’t have the conventional options accessible to you, then we suggest that you opt for a DSL service. Though DSL internet providers are slowly being replaced by other options or are now available in hybrid setups, which are comparatively said to be faster and more efficient, DSL at one point used to be one of the top-tiered services available in the country.

Even today, though this kind of connection operates with the help of a phone line, it is still one of those connection types that can still help you with the usual digital tasks. If you are fine with a mediocre internet speed that’s neither uber-fast nor high-end then go for DSL. Since DSL service requires a phone line, many people assume that they would have to opt for a monthly phone plan, if they go for DSL. This is not always true and the customer doesn’t necessarily have to get a phone plan if they don’t want to. But if you are still keen on getting a DSL internet service, just because your area supports the right network infrastructure, then select one that’s offered in a hybrid structure. If not, you can always opt for wireless options, which are still considered much better.

Wireless Internet Options – Anywhere & Everywhere Across the Country

And while we are talking about internet options, how can we not take in the several different wireless options available that make internet accessibility nothing more than a breeze! Though wired network infrastructure will always remain popular among the masses, wireless internet options are not behind. And are said to be far ahead of all other options. That’s because the kind of flexibility they offer is unbeatable! With wireless internet, the options just seem to multiply. There is the fixed wireless internet option, which doesn’t require any wiring, allowing you to go off the grid, if you may. Since it doesn’t require to go for a phone line, let alone a cable connection or even a fiber optic link-up, you can simply get connected via your cellphone signal. Unfortunately, the speeds are pretty slow, otherwise, these are perfect if you are always on the road or reside in a rural community, where you don’t get to enjoy a myriad of broadband options. 

Wrapping It Up,

So there you go, just some types of connections, which are available no matter where you live in the country. Choose the connection type which perfectly fits your connectivity needs. .

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