Topmost Types and Rules for Wearing Stud Earrings

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Ear studs are the most unique type of earrings. They consist of three parts: a pin, a clip and a decorative part. The clamp is in the form of a plug, which can be made of metal or silicone, and a spring. The decorative element has a huge number of options, thereby making studs, or carnations, so valuable.

Classic Options for Studs

The easiest option for all occasions is diamond carnations. The same carnations with cubic zirconias, pearls or Swarovski stones look no less elegant.

In addition to stone inserts, you can find carnations with figures, fantasy elements, charms. There are such earrings with pendants – in this way, Turkish jewelry, Indian and others, of very different designs, colors and lengths are worn. One of the most common models, which are not inferior to the classics, is drop-shaped pendants.

The variety of these earrings makes them versatile. Carnations are suitable for both men and women. They are the first adornments in a child’s life: medical carnations are worn when the ears of children are pierced.

Diamond Stud Earrings Advantages

There are several advantages of Diamond Studs over other types of earrings:

  • Do not cling to clothing;
  • You can easily go in for sports and run in them, provided that these are not earrings with pendants and they are not too long and heavy;
  • Complement any image, are suitable for people of any age, and the option of choosing a decorative part will suit everyone’s taste;
  • Stud earrings are allowed to be worn where the dress code prohibits wearing massive jewelry with large inserts, for example, in the office.
  • Ideal as a gift for a girl at a birth, christening or a year. Of course, you should check with the parents if they are going to pierce the child’s ears. Silver earrings are best suited for these purposes. The child’s earrings should be without sharp ends and made in such a way that they do not cling to anything.
  • When buying, you should pay attention to the lock and the decorative part so that it is smooth and round. If you are Desire to Try out New apart then Diamond Studs, then you should Must Firstly Learn the Other Different Types of Earrings for you. If a stone is present, then nothing should protrude in the places of its attachment.

What types of Ear stud earrings are there?

There are several types of studs, and the best part is that they can be combined. For example, if there are several piercings in one ear, then different types of such earrings can be inserted into them. There are the following types:


Classic carnations have a small head and a shank diameter. These earrings are worn by women and children who have recently pierced their ears. Doctors recommend wearing this type of studs only made of precious metals; the best option is silver studs.


These earrings have been developed for lip piercings. The earring has a flat back and sits neatly on the out. They are suitable for recovery from inflammation, injury and surgery. It looks good with dresses, denim and suits.


The shape of the decoration corresponds to the name. The rod thickness reaches 6-8 mm. The model is made of expensive materials that do not cause allergies. Mostly these earrings are worn by young people.


A type of earrings that have balls of different sizes and are fixed on both sides of the ear. They are carried forward with a smaller ball.

Studs with decorations

This one is the most common type. The head of the stud is decorated with a gemstone insert or replaced with a pendant.

With what and how to wear stud earrings?

One option is Audrey Hepburn-style pearl studs. They give the image of femininity, mystery, aristocracy. Such earrings cannot be worn with everyday clothes; the ideal solution is an evening dress.

As for the hairstyle, such earrings should be open, which means you should not wear them when you want to lose your hair. You can make a tail, braid, or pin curls.

It is recommended for brunettes to use studs with red inserts, combining them with a red evening dress.

Studs with figures, such as animals, as well as balls of different colors, can be worn with a T-shirt and even sneakers. But for a business suit, carnations with diamonds or cubic zirconias are suitable.

Stars never refuse to wear stud earrings. They are often chosen by celebrities known for their impeccable taste. Recently, we have released a wonderful collection with unusual earrings.

Earrings of the East

Oriental-style jewelry is one of those where this type of earrings is often used. Such jewelry looks like pendants with thin chains, richly decorated with precious stones, pearls, coins and inserts from other materials.

Earlier, such earrings were massive and heavy, new technologies allow them to be made light and delicate and so diversify the models that they can be used for different situations. Well, these earrings are suitable for an evening look, due to their massiveness. Unusual colors, shapes and brightness make them unique.

Undoubtedly, oriental jewelry differs from others with its fancy shapes and an abundance of sparkling decor. There are models of earrings in which lace, feathers and textiles are used as decorative elements.

Often they are made of silver, since a large amount of metal is used, and gold models will not be cheap. The culture of the eastern peoples is rich and diverse and has not yet been fully studied, therefore, oriental jewelry has a special charm, and they are recognizable all over the world and are very popular.


Recently, it has become common to use charms as a decorative part of studs. This solution is original and convenient, and also allows you to experiment with the image. What are charms?

By definition, charms are jewelry similar to pendants that are worn on a bracelet, but smaller in size, in weight, and distinguished by their delicacy. They look like a figurine attached to a ring, which is worn on a chain or bracelet and is also used instead of a pendant on the decorative part of the earring.

Now they are gaining more and more popularity, they are made from different materials, but silver is most often used, therefore they are affordable. Charms come in a wide variety of shapes and forms, from vintage pieces to landmarks and even the most mundane items. Often people choose them in memory of some event in their life or person.

Diamond Stud earrings are one of the most uncomplicated, simple, but beautiful ear adornments. They are suitable for everyone, depending on the decorative element; it can be used as an addition to a romantic image or everyday decorations. They can be used as a base for charms or oriental jewelry, complementing them to your liking. You can think of anything – their design does not exclude any form.

Rules for Wear Earrings

There are a few rules to keep in mind when you will choose and wear any type of Earrings:

  • You should not tighten such earrings too much and wear them for a long time. Unlike earrings with French or English locks, they do not move in the ears and there is a risk that they can grow in.
  • The suspension should not be too heavy, otherwise, the strain on the ears will be uneven and the earlobes will hurt.
  • Choose Earrings to Highlight your Best and Perfect Features
  • Despite this, no other form of earrings can compete with stud earrings: having no borders on decorative inserts, they can be made of any metal and have any inserts.