Two young women attacked for a skirt “too short”

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An 18-year-old was taken into police custody in Mulhouse in France, accused of assaulting two young women on the grounds that one of them wore a skirt “too short”, we learned Thursday from police source, a few days after a similar incident in Strasbourg.

The scene took place Wednesday afternoon, while the two friends, aged 18, were waiting at a tram station in the center of Mulhouse, according to the same source.

According to the first elements, the young man launched to the one who was wearing a skirt: “You don’t want to dress shorter?” The tone then rose and he slapped, then pushed the young woman who fell to the ground, according to the same source.

He then grabbed his friend by the neck who had tried to intervene.

A witness to the scene notified the police, who quickly arrested the alleged assailant. Never sentenced before but known to the police, he was taken into custody, according to this police source.

In his first statements, the young man, who was still in custody Thursday, said he made a remark to the young woman, according to him an “acquaintance”, and the latter would then have insulted and slapped him.

The young woman dressed in a skirt, who was prescribed three days off work, claims on the contrary not to know her attacker and filed a complaint.

This assault comes a few days after that of a Strasbourg student, who says she was violently assaulted Friday in the Alsatian capital by three men because she was wearing a skirt.

This incident aroused outrage and “outright condemnation” from the government.

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