Two-thirds of German citizens are optimistic despite the coronavirus crisis

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According to the survey, at the end of the 2020 crisis year, which came as a result of the coronavirus, the Germans are in a good mood. Two-thirds are optimistic that Germany will be able to solve the problems and come out of the crisis in a positive way: this is the result of a poll conducted by the YouGov Institute on behalf of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation.

In a representative survey, 56% said they were “well prepared for the fact that at some point it all starts again.” On the other hand, only 25% of those surveyed showed themselves to be unprotected and unbalanced. The majority of 52% of those surveyed said that they were almost completely isolated from society out of respect for other people. Many tried to make good use of the time they gained: 45% said they used this time to rethink or put things in order in their lives. Only 38% said they had lost their quality of life due to corona-related restrictions.

Obviously, the crisis also influenced the way of thinking of people: 62% said that society should leave behind outdated thinking patterns and follow a new way of life – if the health situation allows it. 58% of those surveyed said they fear that “the corona crisis has caused irreversible damage to society that cannot be corrected.” But the poll also showed dissatisfaction with the escalating tensions: 63 percent said they had enough of the fear dominating the current political debate.

Most of the respondents were satisfied with the economic system. 60% believe that a social market economy works well and protects prosperity and social security. However, the demand for the state to become much more economically active again met with the support of the majority (56%).

In a representative online survey, YouGov surveyed 2,035 people between December 21 and 23. (AFP)

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