Two people died in an accident on the ring road in St. Petersburg

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In St. Petersburg, two people were killed in an accident involving two trucks and a car. This was announced on Thursday, April 22, by REN TV.

The accident occurred earlier that day on the inner ring of the ring road (KAD) 800 m after the exit to Shafirovskoe highway. The moment of the accident got into the lens of the CCTV camera. The footage shows how the tow truck stops in the middle lane and turns on the emergency gang. After that, a VAZ crashes into it, followed by a truck.

After the collision of cars on the highway, a fire broke out, the website writes. The cab of the truck and the car were completely burned out.

The driver and passenger of the car died on the spot from their injuries.

Because of the accident, traffic on the inner ring in the area of ​​the incident was completely blocked, the website writes. On the fact of the accident, the police are checking. The reasons and circumstances of the incident are being established, writes NSN.

On April 21, it was reported that the driver died in an accident with a burned-out car in Yamal. The traffic police is checking.