Two men die in Tesla electric car accident in Texas

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Two people died after a Tesla electric car, which was moving in autopilot mode, crashed into a tree at high speed in the American Woodlands, Texas. On Sunday, April 18, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The accident happened late the night before. According to the officers, no one was driving the car, with one man in the front passenger seat, and the other in the back.

“Our preliminary investigation establishes that no one was driving this car. We are almost 99.9% confident, ”a law enforcement spokesman said.

After colliding with a tree, the car caught fire. It took the firefighters four hours to put out the fire.

The police are also investigating whether the airbags deployed after the accident.

Earlier on Sunday, five teenagers were killed in an accident near Rostov. The accident occurred as a result of a Hyundai passenger car colliding with a tree.