Two hundred young spruces will be planted in Belichy Ostrov park in Petrozavodsk

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In Petrozavodsk (Karelia) it is planned to plant two hundred young spruces instead of the dangerous and dry trees that have been demolished. The works will take place in May, according to the city administration.

According to the administration, the environmental action is scheduled for May 21. Participants will plant trees from half a meter to one and a half meters in height. Specialists will follow the successful growth, specifies IA “Karelinform”.

According to experts, Belichy Ostrov Park suffers greatly from anthropogenic pressure. The soil on the territory is trampled, and there are no small spruces that could replace the dying ones. This is why a forced update is very important.

According to IA “Karelinform”, in the fall of 2020, 40 plants were cut down in the park along pedestrian paths, art objects, simulators and gazebos. Now the same work is being carried out in the forest.