Two American destroyers took part in exercises in the Black Sea

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Destroyers of the US Navy (Navy) “Porter” and “Donald Cook” conducted a naval operation in the Black Sea. About this in Twitter reported the US Embassy in Ukraine on Friday, January 29.

It is noted that NATO AWACS airborne early warning and control aircraft and the US Navy’s P-8A patrol aircraft also took part in the operation. The exercise was conducted to enhance interaction between members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

On January 27, the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation announced the call of the American destroyer Porter into the Black Sea. It was noted that the forces of the Black Sea Fleet began tracking the actions of the ship.

On January 23, the American destroyer Donald Cook entered the Black Sea. Then the Russian naval sailors also tracked the actions of the vessel.

In November last year, the large anti-submarine ship “Admiral Vinogradov” stopped the violation of the Russian state border by the destroyer “John McCain” in the Peter the Great Gulf. It was clarified that he went 2 km beyond the border line.

The United States then denied the “expulsion” of the destroyer by the Russian ship. The Seventh Fleet of the US Navy considered that the statements of the Russian side were not true.

In this regard, Moscow lodged a strong protest. The Russian Foreign Ministry added that the water area of ​​the bay is the internal waters of the Russian Federation, and attempts to assert otherwise are unacceptable.

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