Tver motorists are actively fined for incorrect parking

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The authorities of Tver are actively working with drivers who park in unidentified places.

Thus, one of the problematic city points is the “parking” on the Petersburg highway opposite the Metallist recreation center. In the area of ​​school # 21, offenders constantly leave their cars in the immediate vicinity of a public transport stop.

“In addition, it is obvious that car owners leave their cars in violation of traffic rules, because before driving to a parking place, drivers go around the fence, cross the sidewalk, and then park on the lawn,” the city administration said.

At the last meeting, 27 administrative cases were considered, initiated only by the results of this week. In total, the administration of the Zavolzhsky district has recently drawn up about 50 protocols, and fines ranging from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles have been issued for 27 of them.