Turkey tightens lockdown from May 7

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The Turkish authorities announced the strengthening of quarantine measures in the country from May 7. According to the widespread statement of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, from this day shops will be prohibited from selling goods that are not included in the list of essential goods.

In particular, a restriction on the sale of electronics, stationery, toys, clothing, car parts, and garden tools is added to the previously introduced ban on the sale of alcohol. At the same time, from May 7, it will become possible to purchase animal feed and non-decorative cosmetics.

Lockdown in Turkey was introduced for the period from April 29 to May 17. The work of catering establishments is limited, some offices and enterprises are closed. At the same time, local authorities stated that the restrictions will not affect tourists who are allowed free movement and visiting museums.

Russia has limited air traffic with Turkey until June 1.

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