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There is something surreal about one of the recent appearances of The Joker sitting at a small wooden table out of children’s furniture.

Has the shade of her hair been readjusted? New colourist or Melania has devoted herself to applying a subtle shade of “Baby Blonde No 10 from Only her hairdresser knows”?

She should have helped Giuliani who seems unaware that a coloring agent rinses off, especially “Italian Gino No 4” which covers gray so well.

The Joker has finally admitted that he will be leaving the White House. The international press has made a big deal out of it.

Trump is going to leave and it will be fine. Only the rainbow was missing … It was only the entrance.

Gracie one turkey, devour the other

The king launched into long tirades: lies and half-truths, accusations and plots, a little paranoid delirium.

“This election is rigged, I am the winner 100%. Biden cannot have won 80 million votes. I did better than Reagan! ”

The key word? Fraud.

Racism à la carte

He attacked Democrat Stacey Abrams of Georgia. Also in the State of Michigan, in particular in the city of Detroit whose population is predominantly African-American.

He even confessed to wanting to reverse the election result before the Electoral College meeting!

He sharply insults the journalist who dares to ask him if he will concede victory.

In the meantime, ” business as usual “. He plays golf on one of the many clubs he owns.

The 287 days of his tenure spent in this activity will have cost taxpayers some $ 150 million.

Cream pie

He spent over $ 3 million on a recount in a county in Wisconsin. Which resulted in 132 more votes for Biden!

Did you say Black Friday?

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