Trump banned from Twitter? “We don’t miss him”

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Does Donald Trump’s Twitter Banning Make Joe Biden’s Term Easier?

Asked about this – legitimate – question during her daily press briefing, Jen Psaki, spokesperson for the White House, dodged.

But was careful to add: “I can’t say that we miss him on Twitter”.

“You might find it hard to believe it, but we spend little time thinking or talking about President Trump, ex-President Trump to be very clear,” she replied.

“I think this is a question that should rather be asked of the elected Republican Congress,” she added, referring to the pressure long exerted, by tweets interposed, by the former president on such or such elected of his own camp.

Joe Biden is he in favor of maintaining the suspension of his predecessor?

“It’s a decision made by Twitter,” she simply replied.

Twitter, which was Donald Trump’s main communication tool in campaign and in power, permanently suspended the @realDonaldTrump account, two days after his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6.

The famous blue bird network has also undertaken to purge its services of users relaying conspiracy theories on the so-called rigging of the American election.

The decision targeting Donald Trump has aroused strong criticism, among his supporters of course, but also from certain leaders or NGOs who are concerned about the power accumulated by social networks, without any external control.

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