Traffic police has prepared new traffic rules

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In Russia, amendments to the rules of the road have been developed. This was reported on Friday, April 23rd, by the Kommersant newspaper.

According to journalists, the traffic police plans to significantly expand the list of technical faults and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited. This list will also include a video recorder that interferes with the view, errors in the on-board computer and the lack of snow chains for truck drivers.

According to the publication, the list of violations may include a ban on the use of films on headlamps, the absence of sun visors and airbags, errors in an engine or automatic transmission malfunction stored in the memory of the on-board computer, the installation of “structures made of steel or similar materials” in passenger cars, which protrude beyond the bumper line.

The new edition of the SDA clearly states that the deformation of the bumper, due to which the inner iron part protrudes beyond the dimensions of the car, will be considered a violation, which can cause an additional traumatic situation with the participation of pedestrians, the newspaper notes.

It is noted that violators of the new restrictions will be punished with fines ranging from 500 rubles to deprivation of rights.

On April 20, it became known that in Moscow in three months of 2021 more than 27 thousand cars with an excess of toning standards were detected. The traffic police noted that it is often because of the overly tinted glasses that accidents arise.

At present, according to state standards, the front side windows of a car must have a light transmission of at least 70%, and a windshield at least 75%. At the same time, tinting of the front side and windshields is prohibited.