Tourism Development Department commented on accidents in Altai

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In the Altai Territory, accidents at tourist sites have become more frequent. The department for the development of tourism and resort activities of the region told what caused the surge in incidents, as well as whether they affected the tourism business.

According to, only at the end of July at one of the tourist bases a family of four died from poisoning, a fire broke out at another base – the guests were forced to jump out of the windows to escape.

The department said that the accidents that occurred are resonant, but could happen in any region of Russia. Using their example, you need to draw conclusions and carry out work that will eliminate such events.

The specialists of the department note that in order to prevent accidents, the subjects of the tourist business need to constantly inspect, repair and reconstruct the life support systems of accommodation facilities, as well as facilities of the communal and energy sector. In addition to this, the objects of the tourism industry need to go through the classification procedure.

According to regional travel companies, interest in recreation in the Altai Territory is high. At the same time, the demand for individual territories exceeds the indicators of 2019. On average, the occupancy of accommodation facilities in August is more than 50%, in July – 45%.

The tourism development department noted that the camp sites are regularly checked by employees of Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Emergencies and other departments.

On August 3, it was reported that according to the preliminary forensic medical examination, the cause of death of a family of four at the Globus camp site in the Altai Territory was carbon monoxide poisoning.

An investigative experiment was carried out, according to the results of which it was established that the operation of the generator in the boiler room caused the appearance of carbon monoxide in the rooms on the second floor of the building, where the victim’s room was located.

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