Top Time-Travel Movies to Warp Your Reality Into Another Timeline

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By Henry Jackson

People worldwide have been captivated by time travel movies, which have taken them to many ages and worlds and left them in awe of the unknown. Seeing characters travel across time and space, running into unforeseen challenges, and meeting new people, is a unique experience. We are intrigued and driven to want more by something about the temptation of the future and the charm of the past.

So many people favor watching time-travel movies because it enables them to escape reality and discover new universes. There is awe and intrigue in witnessing a time traveler move between different eras, whether past or future. It allows viewers to observe how various societies operated and changed over time.

Another reason people enjoy watching time-travel movies is because it challenges their perceptions of what’s possible. Time-travel movies push their ideas of what’s possible. It boosts their creativity and enables them to think about concepts like parallel universes and different realities while watching characters go through the fourth dimension. The unknown and the uncertainty of time travel is exciting and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.


Top Time-Travel Movies on Hulu

The genre of time-travel movies has always been fascinating, and Hulu’s vast library of films offers various intriguing options. Here are some time-travel movies you must not miss on Hulu, ranging from mind-bending paradoxes to touching love tales.

Before we start, here’s a reminder to use a VPN before accessing Hulu from anywhere other than the USA. Say, you’re going to watch Hulu in South Africa, then a VPN is essential before you get restricted.


Time Freak (2018)

Time Freak tells the story of a shy inventor who builds the time machine to mend his relationship with his sweetheart. With its emphasis on the protagonist’s inner development rather than the technical aspects of time travel, the film offers a novel perspective on the time-travel genre. Fans of offbeat romantic comedies must watch this movie because of its warmth and humor.


The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

The Time Traveler’s Wife is another movie that combines romance and time travel. The film, based on Audrey Niffenegger’s best-selling book, tells the love tale of a time-traveling librarian and his wife. His irrational time-traveling and the distance it causes between them put their relationship to the test. The movie is a magnificent depiction of the difficulties of love and the sacrifices we make for the people we love.


About Time (2013)

Yet another romantic time-travel film worth watching is “About Time.” In the movie, Domhnall Gleeson plays a guy who learns about the ability to go back in time and so utilizes it to strengthen his bonds with his family and find true love. The movie is pleasant and fun to watch because of its themes of family, love, and the value of time.


Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge Of Tomorrow is a must-watch for anyone looking for a more action-packed time-travel adventure. Tom Cruise plays a soldier who becomes stuck in a time loop and must keep reliving the same conflict until he figures out how to exterminate the strange invaders. The film is an exciting trip from beginning to end because of its intense action sequences and inventive use of time travel.


12 Monkeys (1995)

Similarly, the sci-fi movie “12 Monkeys” features a prisoner sent back in time to stop a terrible virus from destroying humanity. The film’s complex plot and surprising turns have viewers on the edge of their seats.


Palm Springs (2020)

Moving on to more recent releases, the comedy “Palm Springs” gives the time-loop cliche a new twist. In the movie, Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti play two wedding guests who wind up in a time loop and repeatedly relive the same day. The movie stands out from the crowded field of time-travel comedy because of its creative storyline and amusing acting.


Boss Level (2020)

Another trendy film in the time-travel genre, Boss Level, successfully combines action and humor. A retired soldier, played by Frank Grillo, is trapped in a time loop and is made to relive the day of his death repeatedly. The movie’s over-the-top action scenes and humorous elements make it enjoyable to watch.


The One (2001)

The sci-fi thriller “The One” explores the idea of the multiverse and centers on a police officer who learns that various versions of him are scattered throughout other realities. Fans of the genre will find the movie tough but enjoyable due to its intricate plot and mind-bending turns.


Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)

The recent film “Everything Everywhere All at Once” has garnered accolades for its bold storytelling and breathtaking cinematography. To protect her family and the world from a cosmic threat, the movie’s main character must journey through numerous parallel universes, which she learns she has access to. The film stands out from the crowded genre of time-travel films because of its daring storytelling and exceptional aesthetics.


Groundhog Day (1993)

Last but not least, the time-loop comedy “Groundhog Day” is a beloved genre classic. In the movie, Bill Murray plays a weatherman who is forced to live the same day repeatedly to improve himself. The humor in the movie makes it a classic to this day and you can enjoy it just as much when it was first released 30 years ago.


Final Thoughts

Movies about time travel provide a special getaway that enables viewers to explore other worlds, confront their perceptions, and go back in time. These appeal to our innate curiosity and thirst for discovery. It’s a genre that never ceases to mesmerize viewers since it presents countless opportunities and the chance to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Hulu’s selection of time-travel movies is impeccable, which ranges from mind-bending sci-fi thrillers to wholesome romantic comedies. So get comfy, relax, and prepare to warp your reality with these must-see films.