Top Tech Tools and Resources to Avoid Your Summer Slide at College

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While summer break is a well-deserved relief from the college semesters’ marathon, you should relax so much that you forget almost everything that you learned while in school. Whether you’re in freshman year or your final years, you want to ensure that as you give your brain a break from academics, you safeguard the knowledge you had amassed during the semester to ensure that you don’t become a victim of the summer slide. 

Even though learning from home is not something your brain is used to, you can train it to associate home with learning because schools won’t be opening until the coast is clear. Since institutions of higher learning hold so many students, most of them had to close when the pandemic hit to prevent the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Thankfully, there are resources in place that allow students to buy dissertations. This way, they don’t have to deal with academic responsibilities when they’re feeling overwhelmed mentally, emotionally, or psychologically.

Summer slide is a slick way of referring to brain drain, which is an occurrence where students forget most of what they learned in school because they took an extended break from their academics. With COVID-19 right now, brain drain is a reality for many students who did not anticipate that they’ll be at home for such a long period. However, regardless of your brain’s current status, it’s not too late to take charge and prevent any more memory loss. 

Brain drains aside, you also have to preserve your brain by ensuring it’s not overworked. You need to establish how much brain activity you’re capable of sustaining in a day to ensure you don’t exceed your capacities. After all, burnout is just as bad as the summer slide. 

Without further ado, let’s look at the top tech and resources that can help you avoid the summer slide.

Educational Games 

An excellent way of keeping your brain engaged without necessarily overwhelming it with complex concepts is engaging in educational games. There is a plethora of age-appropriate games students can participate in during summer break to ensure they don’t experience brain drain. 

Educational games keep things fun while still reminding students of the concepts they learned in school. You can look for subject-specific games that job your mind on definitions and spellings of complex terminologies you’re likely to forget.

The best thing about educational games today is that they’re digitized. This means you can connect with other students online for the much-needed competitive spirit. Playing with other people also introduces you to new knowledge and expands your gaming technique. 


Another way of keeping your mind engaged as you take a break from your academics is by applying for internships. Seeking experience at organizations that apply the information within the course you’re studying in college enables you to seek knowledge in action. When you observe professionals apply the theoretical knowledge you learned in school, it reinforces the information stored in your brain. 

Look at your internships as opportunities to explore the job market before you graduate. If you have any burning questions that professionals can help you answer, don’t hesitate to ask them because they’ll be pleased to be of help. 

Fiction Reading 

Since you spent an entire semester reading course books, consider switching to fiction reading during summer break. If there are any fiction novels that have been collecting dust in your library, this is your opportunity to dust them off and peruse them. Reading fiction engages your brain in a way that’s not overwhelming or counterintuitive. 

Besides, shifting your focus to different book genres unlocks your creativity and expands your thinking capacity. Fiction triggers neural activities that have been lying dormant all semester because you had been focused on achieving academic excellence. This is actually a good thing because you shall have gained new perspectives that enable you to look for easier ways to solve problems when you resume school. 

Wrapping Up

Being in control of how your brain stores information ensures you don’t become a victim of the summer slide when schools close. Ensure you engage in activities that expand your thinking capacity and boost information retention so that you don’t undo the work you did all semester long.