Top Software for Project Management in the Market

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About Project Management Software

Project management software are pretty much a necessity in this day and age! This is because this software is essentially able to manage your entire work output for you in the most efficient way possible. In this piece, we will be educating you about some of the best project management software available in the market right now.

We will give you all the information you may need to make an informed decision about the software of your dreams. We will give you all the information you need such as ClickUp reviews to Bitrix24 features. Everything you need to know about top software in the industry right now; we will provide you with that information! Keep reading to learn more.

Top Project Management Software in the Market


Bitrix24 software is a great software that we want to tell you about because of various reasons. This software has a great mobile app which makes it a top choice for a lot of businesses that want to manage their work more efficiently. The mobile app allows users to use the software even on the go. So if you are commuting to and from work, working from home or whatever it may be; you can simply use the app to make and view any updates! You can also automate tasks with this software and not have to worry about manually changing settings and making tasks. The reason you would even invest in a software in the first place is to simplify your work and with the features in Bitrix24, you can essentially ensure this. The reviews for Bitrix24 are incredibly popular with hundreds of users vouching for the product!


The next software we want to tell you about is Trello. This software has a web app which lets you log in to it from anywhere in the world as long as you have a browser, a connection to the internet and login credentials. The software allows you to make things easier for yourself as you can use it to work remotely from home without any hiccups at all because everything is made virtual because of trello! Apart from the benefits you get from Trello of it being completely cloud based, you also benefit from its dashboard feature. This is because the dashboard feature in Trello makes it a lot easier for you to navigate through the software. The dashboard is very user friendly with a user friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate, to learn about various features and be able to execute processes in no time at all. The interface is so easy that your learning curve is minimal and you can hit the ground running with this software! There are dozens of Trello reviews online which attest to the software’s prowess!


Before we dive into ClickUp features, we want to tell you about ClickUp reviews. The software has a dedicated fan following online in its users who have left an average of 4 stars or more for this software online. ClickUp reviews are usually very positive because of the great features this software has. One of the favorite user features mentioned in scores of ClickUp reviews is the templates feature. This feature allows users to choose a template they like for their project planning. Furthermore, this template is completely customizable for you to change up and set the way you prefer. The software also has a great calendar feature which allows you to set deadlines for tasks, set meetings with various team members, make the meeting a recurring event and much more. The calendar can be integrated with any other calendar associated with your work email and hence keep everything synthesized for you in one place which is very helpful!


Asana is another popular software which hundreds of businesses all over the world use to organize their work. The software has a great drag and drop feature which makes it easy for you and your team to organize your tasks, project timelines and more. Having a simple to use drag and drop feature enables you to make things easier to manage for everyone involved in the project! You can watch Asana demo for better understanding about its working. There is also an activity feed feature which allows everyone on the team to be able to view the tasks other colleagues are incharge of. The activity feed also allows users to look at overall progress for a project which is very important which makes way for better collaboration since everyone knows where the project stands and what needs to be done!


Indy is a great choice for you if you need a simple all-in-one solution. Its tools are easy to use and will help you power through your admin much faster.
Invoices are simple with Indy. You can begin with a nice template and customize it to suit your needs. Automatically import client information from your projects list. Then you can add bill items quickly. Indy’s built-in Time Tracker lets you track your time easily and then import Time Tracks into Invoices at the click of a button.
Once your customers receive their invoices, they can choose to pay by PayPal, Zelle, Stripe, or other bank and credit card options. These are simple to set up and add to your Indy account.
The best thing about Indy is the way it connects all the client admin in one place. So, in addition to your invoices, you can use Indy to manage your proposals, contracts, forms, files, and projects. Even better – you can do all this for just $5.99 per month.

Which Software is Right for You

Now that we have talked in length about various project management software and their merits you might be feeling a little torn about which software to opt for. We can only guide you to make an informed decision and the final decision rests on you and your needs. We suggest that you read as many reviews as you want for a software you might be considering because long time users of the software can most accurately tell you what a software’s performance will be like down the line. For example, reading ClickUp reviews from old users will give you an idea about what you can expect down the line from the software.

We also suggest reaching out to the vendor for a demo or a trial of the software free of cost before you commit to it. Building on our last example, getting a ClickUp demo for example will help you see the software in action for yourself rather than merely reading about its features or relying solely on ClickUp reviews. This will help make your decision easier.

We are sure whatever software you choose for your project management needs will be the right call for you! We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and choose a software that caters to all or most of your wishes. We are sure you will not be disappointed and will find the right match for you.