Top Nine Ranked One Piece Arcs

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One Piece Arcs:

This is often getting to be hard. 947 episodes, 993 chapters, and a complete 31 arcs(not including side arcs). Combining an inventory that will include only 9 of them is going to be hard, really hard. You can’t ignore any arc of 1 Piece, every arc is vital and has some significance. Now, without wasting any time, let’s rank the 23 years of labor of Eiichiro Oda into one list because apparently, we are better than him.

  1. Thriller Bark:

A one-piece arc must be good from start to finish to be considered together as the simplest. But not this one. one man carries this whole arc on his shoulder. The person is Roronoa Zoro. Zoro carried this whole arc on his shoulder. and since of that, even after a lazy and bad villain, the way Strawhats gets captured, then many inconsistencies. But there are numerous beautiful moments within the series. Luffy realizing Laboon may be a friend of Brook, Usopp being the hero he felt like he never might be only one arc ago, the ultimate fight with Oars, A successful Three Sword Style Secret Technique, absolutely the horror after Kuma showed up, and eventually that last moment of Zoro, soaked in blood and just being badass. Watch that scene again, but, but, then again, unless you can’t watch it anymore.

  1. Sabaody Archipelago:

It is an underrated arc if you check it out. numerous new characters are introduced during this arc and we see how powerful the pirate world is. numerous new concepts were introduced during this arc like slavery, Haki, some insights into Gold Roger’s journey, Fisherman’s problems, and lots more. For the primary time, it felt that this is often some serious business. For the primary time, we thought that our heroes could lose. The stakes were higher than ever before. When every single Nakama was disappearing it was heartbreaking. The moment when Luffy punched a Celestial Dragon is simply amazing.

  1. Arlong Park

This one-piece arc has one of the simplest fight scenes ever. The beginning of the fight is slow, like every fight in One Piece. because it picks up the pace, it is just otherworldly. Along with checking out about Zoro’s injury, Sanji being there just looking cool, Usopp just being goofy he’s, and Luffy shouting at the top of his lungs after beating Arlong. It’s just the simplest moment you’ll invite. and therefore the old animation of 1 Piece only adds to the nostalgia and it’s amazing. And above that, we saw the backstory of Nami, which made her one of the foremost lovable characters within the series.

  1. Marineford:

The action-packed arc from start to bottom. This arc was something special. it had been sort of a wave of sadness hit us. We weren’t over the separation of Strawhats yet and that we got this. nobody ever thought that Ace was gonna die, we knew that Luffy would save him. But shit you, Oda, you had to defeat us from the inside. We saw Whitebeard for the primary time and for the last time too. And his last words “The One Piece Is Real!!” changed the entire One Piece.

  1. Alabasta:

You remember the time when albeit the arcs were long it didn’t feel stretched even one bit. Albasta was that arc. This arc had numerous things. Chopper joining the crew, Zoro cutting the metal, Crocodile as a villain, what more does one want. This was the main Shichibukai that our gang defeated. And this arc had numerous sub-arc, but even, in any case, it didn’t feel slow or boring for even one second.

  1. Dressrosa:

This arc took the entire show to a subsequent level. it’s one among the saddest yet feel-good arcs of 1 Piece. The frame of this arc was awesome. We get numerous sad backstories of Corazon, Senor Pink, The story of the entire town for god sake. But the instant that Luffy defeated Doflamingo is so good that there have been flowers blooming in my stomach. Toei Animation did their best to stall this arc for no reason, but guess what, they failed.


  1. Water 7 and Ennies Lobby


I wanted to rate both of those arcs separately, but I couldn’t. Have you ever cried for a ship? Well, you will. Underwater 7 we noticed both Usopp and Robin leaving the gang. In Ennies Lobby we saw Straw Hats fighting the planet Government itself to save lots of Robin. This arc was fast-paced and intense throughout. We saw Usopp vs Brook, which remains one of the foremost heartbreaking scenes in One Piece. We saw Merry’s last moments, which is the saddest moment in One Piece. And Robin saying “I want to live” which remains one among the foremost impactful moments in One Piece

  1. Skypeia:

Don’t sound off why this arc is on the lean so sharp. it’s here because it deserved to be here. This arc has everything that’s needed to form One Piece filler. a tremendous villain, breathtaking action, beautiful story, and god-level comedy that we don’t see in One Piece now. we’ve forgotten about it but One Piece comedy wont to be pure gold. The show is at a stage where we can’t see many comedy scenes, but this arc is an example of how good it wants to be. And even then Oda was ready to make this arc one among the foremost intense ones too.

  1. Wano:

The thing about Wano is that it’s not even completed yet. And still, this is often the simplest arc of 1 Piece. It’s not because this is often the foremost recent arc, because I went back and skimmed the entire 993 chapters again and it’s still the simplest. we’ve gotten such a lot from this arc and it’ll give such a lot more. I won’t enter details about this arc because it remains ongoing and it’ll be a spoiler. But this arc is the neatest thing in One Piece till now which may be a fact.