Top Locksmith Tips for Homeowners From Dubai Locksmith

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If you’re a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure that your tenants are secure. This means you have to install smoke alarms every year, gas safety checks, electrical testing. However, it also means that you must ensure that your home is safe and keeps your tenants’ belongings and property secure. If you’re concerned that your locks aren’t adequate, it’s worthwhile to call a local Dubai locksmith to have him replace the damaged locks with high-quality security locks.


Install The Right Locks


This is a no-brainer; however, if you’re renting a house or flat or any other kind of property, you need to ensure you have the appropriate kind of lock installed by Dubai locksmith. There are numerous types of locks available. However, a definitive rule of thumb is to ensure that the locks you select conform to British Standards. Insurance companies may require BSI locks installed before considering insuring the rental home.


BSI locks are stronger, more durable, and meet the strictest security standards. They’re tested against the most popular forced entry techniques. A well-known method used by burglars is the snapping of cylinders. This is when low-quality euro locking cylinders are snapped, permitting the burglar entry to the mechanism, making it easier for them to deactivate the lock. Locks that have anti-snap cylinders in preventing this. They feature an unbroken line that snaps in a particular spot which means that the mechanism inside is protected, which makes it difficult to remove as well as gain access to the home.


Verify That You Have the Locks Are Working Properly


The first step to protecting an investment home is to ensure that you’ve got the correct door locks. With a variety of available models and types, it isn’t easy to decide what locks work best. Residential Dubai locksmith suggest installing a deadbolt replacement which can stop burglars from using forced entry methods. Be aware that no lock will be able to 100 completely stop lock-picking methods. However, more secure locks can provide more resistance, increasing the attempts to get into. Criminals are eager to break in quickly because the longer they have to wait, the higher chances they will be stopped.


Change Your Locks


After entering your home, make sure you immediately change the locks. One of the last things you’d want to happen is that the security of your new house is compromised, and the old locks could have some keys lying all over. Even if you believe you have all the keys, there’s no guarantee that anyone else hasn’t got a set of keys that the former homeowner did not reveal or forget about. The previous homeowners may share keys with contractors, neighbors, family members, and even friends. There are many various ways to alter the locks on your home.


Rekeying is Affordable


Rekeying can be a cheaper alternative than changing all the knobs on your doors. Surprisingly, 34 percent of burglaries are caught at your front door, so you’ll need to ensure that your entryways are secured. Locksmiths alter the internal mechanisms of the locks on your doors that render the old keys ineffective. Locksmith Dubai cost cut new keys that work with the new design. Even if you have the same locks on your home, rekeying can be as secure as altering the locks.


Changing the Locks


The entire lock can be changed. This is an alternative. Although it’s more costly, it’s a suitable option if you don’t enjoy the appearance of your current locks or if you believe they are damaged or compromised. To ensure that your locks are properly installed and provide the highest security level, make sure to get a qualified Locksmith Dubai Cheap.


Utilize Deadbolts as Often as You Can


Deadbolts are among the best security methods you can employ to protect your home. This is because, unlike standard, door locks and knobs provide an additional layer of security. With the installation of deadbolts, you are able to deter burglars from getting into your house or anyone else trying to gain access without authorization into your property. Be sure to choose double cylinder bolts that can be unlocked only using a key. It is important to talk to an experienced, trustworthy, and certified Dubai locksmith who can guide you through choosing and installing deadbolts to secure your security at home.


Use Locks That Are of High Quality


Any Locksmith Dubai Barsha can tell you that the use of high-quality locks is essential in order to safeguard your property and your home. It will not only stop any break-ins but also be able to be insured if you suffer theft while you are away. If your locks do not conform to certain quality standards, the insurance company might not be able to release your claim.


After you’ve taken charge of all the above things, the most important thing you should be able to check is your lock’s perfect operating state. It is important to take care of this to avoid burglaries but also lockouts. That’s why you need to regularly employ a Locksmith Dubai 24 hours to keep your locks in good condition. They’ll make an appointment every so often and inspect all your locks for security and performance. They are skilled at identifying issues before they cost you. They also know how to repair the problem to help you stay clear of the common problems associated with locks.


When to Hire a Residential Locksmith Change the Locks


If you lease your home to the new tenant, it is suggested to replace the locks. However trustworthy was the previous occupant and how trustworthy they were, you will never know whether keys were made and lost or if they have an extra key. For peace of mind for new tenants, contemplate changing the exterior locks for the door to secure the house.


If you alter the locks during a lease, you must provide your tenants with adequate notice of the changes. You should provide them with copies of the keys before the locks are changed or when it’s beneficial to them. If you’re looking to save money and have a strong lock, you should consider rekeying the locks. The inside of the lock will change and will use an entirely new key so that the keys you used previously won’t function anymore. However, security will not rise since the lock remains the same. But, it’s reasonable, especially for landlords who own a lot of properties.




Selecting the appropriate lock for your rental property’s requirements is daunting. For your convenience, these suggestions will make it easier to make the right choice and help select the appropriate security locks to secure your property. Be sure to use an expert Locksmith Dubai al Barsha service when required.