Top Budget-Friendly Air Coolers That Are Available Online Markets

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Are you trying to beat the scorching summer heat without breaking your bank? Then, investing in an air cooler will be the smartest decision. When you cannot afford to purchase costly AC, an air cooler is the safest choice. The room cooler can easily cool your small office, bedroom, and any other small space. From tower coolers to desert coolers, there is a range of options. Moreover, you can choose from Havells, Kenstar, Blue Star, and Vguard cooler models. 

Air coolers consume less energy compared to air conditioners. Interestingly, these budget-friendly coolers can provide better and purer air quality than air conditioning systems.

Now, let us have a view of the best-selling air coolers from the reputed brands that you can buy.

Bajaj 36 L Tower Air Cooler 

Bajaj has designed a pocket-friendly air cooler without compromising the cooling capacity. As one of the reliable tower coolers, this model enables it to adjust the speed up to 3 levels. The system consumes 60W of energy to cool your room. The presence of the Honey Comb Cooling Pad ensures a high cooling efficiency level. Moreover, the 36 L tank ensures that the cooler will continue providing the cool air for a few hours. Make sure that you have added water to the tank at the right time to maintain the performance standard.

Symphony 75 L Desert Air Cooler Grey

Symphony has offered a high-quality air cooler with a tank capacity of about 75 L. For medium-sized households, you can invest in this air cooler. 

The water pumping system of the air cooler is equipped with a modish technology. As Symphony understands your needs, it has integrated wheels into the air cooler models. You can rotate the wheels to 360 degrees.

While checking the aesthetics, we have found that the grey model perfectly matches the overall design of the room.

You can control the cooling system with your remote controller. Thus, this Symphony air cooler is equipped with innovative technologies to increase your comfort.

Orient 26 L Personal Air Cooler

Made of high-quality ABS plastic, this air cooler has an ergonomic design. You can easily fit the cooler into the corner of your room. The system is best to cool the space of about 80 square feet. The technologically advanced Honey Comb pads ensure 45% more water retention capacity and 25% more cooling capabilities. Motorized Louver Movement, aluminum fan, and oscillating functions have made this air cooler a unique choice. The air delivery rate is about 1100 m3/hour. You can remotely adjust the 2-speed control system. 

The unique feature of this personal air cooler is the Carbon Tulsi filter. The special Tulsi-treated filter helps in protecting your indoor air from dust particles. Moreover, this filter has VOC absorbing properties to keep the air fresh.

Havells 51 L Desert Air Cooler Grey and White

This Havells cooler has a compact, ergonomic design with a high air delivery capacity. You can use this cooler for both urban and rural households. When there is a power cut, and you have turned on the inverter, the cooler will work efficiently. 

Moreover, the Havells cooler has a sturdy and stable design with a water level indicator. Due to the Tetra Air Flow Cooling, air can move in different directions. That is why you will find better coverage of the cool air. 

You may move your cooler from one room to another using the castor wheels. The cooling system has a perfectly balanced body. Furthermore, the uniform distribution of water helps in wetting the pads. You will find a better cooling capacity of the air cooler. If you want to buy the latest Havells Air Cooler then visit Bajaj EMI Store.

Symphony 50 L Tower Air Cooler Black 

The black, stunning model is the perfect cooling system for a modern house. The 50L tank capacity ensures that you do not need to fill the tank several times. There are 3-speed adjustment options ranging from low to high. The remote controller makes your task easier. You can control the performance standard using this controller. There are easy-to-use dial knob controls to choose the cooling modes, fan speed, and other functions. Moreover, the multistage air purification filters keep the air free from bacteria and germs. 

The automatically operated swing of the air cooler oscillates continuously to cool theroom. The integrated ice chamber also plays a role in cooling the space. Other features that ensure seamless performance are 3-side honeycomb pads and a powerful fan. You may use multi-directional wheels to add mobility to the system. Overall, Symphony has offered one of the high-performance tower coolers for Indian households.

You can choose from any of these models to make your deals affordable. Shop online on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Pay for your air cooler on No Cost EMIs and zero down payment.