Top 8 Hotel Accent Chairs that You’d Love to See

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The new normal period still hasn’t ended. Besides the occasional shopping or walks, most people are still confined within their homes because of the pandemic. While not exactly a desirable situation, it gives people more time for hobbies and other activities. Because of their jobs, some are booking hotel rooms when they travel, giving hotel employees another good reason to change their décor.

Interior decoration is great. Decorating hotels is a fulfilling experience for both the hotel owner and staff. One of the furniture changes that we can do is to add accent chairs. What’s the difference between an accent chair and a traditional chair? Well, for starters, accent chairs are specifically designed to add flair, color, and style to any room. These chairs are not only there for extra seating but to make the room look good overall.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides the best by choosing the best upholstery and curtain fabrics. There are thousands of options to choose from and can complement any accent chair of your choice.

There are many kinds of stylish accent chairs from different brands around the world, and we will discuss eight that particularly stand out.


  1. Nouvelles Velvet Barrel Chair

Priced at $395.99 the accent chair is a great complement for the hotel lounge areas. Its homey look and soft velvet-like fabric emit a comfortable aura that will make any guests feel welcome. Setting up this chair in waiting areas certainly makes for an inviting atmosphere.


  • It is a one-seater and can support up to 250 pounds of weight
  • It is foam-filled, guarantying maximum comfort
  • The arm orientation makes it prevent accidents, especially for children


  • Does not come in a long-leg version
  • Is in a stationary position and does not swivel


  1. Lento Lounge Chair

Looking for a simple look that allows guests to sit comfortably while reading a magazine? Look no further than the Article lento Lounge Chair. For $299, you can now display this elegant accent chair in any guest room. It gives a unique nostalgic feeling with its walnut-stained wood frame and black leather cover.


  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Sturdy wooden legs
  • No assembly required


  • It May be difficult to clean
  • Other types of fabric may cause it to stain.


  1. Safavieh Arlette Velvet Accent Chair

Because of how they are designed and they’re supposed to look, velvet chairs may seem tacky and out of place. Save for a few places like offices, it’s hard to integrate them without looking out of place. Luckily for us, the Safavieh Arlette Velvet Accent Chair is made with a modern simplified look that can blend in any scene. It is a simple but elegant design for more monotone or black/white designs. You can have this chair for an affordable price of $310.


  • It has a comfy look and expensive look
  • Good for customers who want to take a bit of a rest


  • Short-legged
  • It may not be great for other activities besides resting and reading magazines


  1. Yongqiang Upholstered Chair


The modern casual look is domineering from the accent chair scene. While some chairs have armrests, The Yongqiang offers a different type of back support comfort with its curved design.

It’s a significant addition to both hotel offices and guest lobbies. You can buy it for only $599.


  • No assembly required
  • Can support up to 300 pounds
  • Made with fireproof materials


  • Has no armrests
  • Its curved design may be hard for those who want to adjust their sitting positions.
  1. Donham Polyester Lounge Chair


If you’re aiming for a hotel design that feels exactly like how a house feels, the Donham Polyester Lounge Chair is a superb choice. It feels and looks like a lazy boy, but with a more professional look. Made with soft materials with a traditional design, this chair will make your guests feel at home.


  • Can support up to 275 pounds
  • Has seat cushions for additional support
  • Available in many colors


  • Does not swivel
  • Frame material is made of plastic
  • Shallow seat depth


  1. IKEA Koarp Arm Chair


This accent chair comes in eccentric forms. The same cannot be said, however, with the IKEA Koarp Arm Chair. It is a 4-stand accent chair with comfortable armrests and a wide seater that allows the guest to sit in many positions. It is the cheapest on this list and is priced at $149.


  • Comes with a back pillow and seat cushion for additional support and comfort
  • Easy to clean with just a vacuum and covers are machine-wash


  • Has too many parts
  • Prone to scratches or damaged without proper care.
  • Delivery to some areas may be difficult because of covid.


  1. Industry West CAPO Chair


The CAPO chair has a design that one can truly appreciate. Described on the manufacturer’s website as “geometric and playful”, this accent chair can turn heads without feeling out-of-place because of its hexagonal shape. Pricing starts at $575.


  • Unique and pleasing to the eyes
  • Foam and padding-filled back and seat for additional comfort.


  • It is the most expensive one on the list and can be replaced by other cheaper alternatives


  1. CB2 Sculpture Chair

The CB2 Sculpture Chair employs great use of design principles. It looks stylish and eye-catching while being practical at the same time. Seat cushions and thick legs go together to form a feeling of comfort and security. True to its name, it emanates an aura of magnificence and luxury. It is great for small offices and lounge rooms. You can buy this chair for $799.


  • Highly resilient seat cushions
  • Easy to clean
  • Great side and back support cushions


  • Can look tacky and out of place
  • One of the expensive ones on this list
  • Not customizable


Accent chairs are a great addition to the hotel décor and depending on what you chose it can make both the guests and staff feel at home. Always take note of the style and the theme you’re going for so it doesn’t look out of place. In the end it’s all about fitting in and making it look good. Visit Yorkshire Fabric Shop for more accent chair options!

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