Top 8 Curly Hairstyles For Your Toddlers

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Curly hair can be a bit difficult to style for your toddler. Though it is tough, curly hairstyles give out the best fashion looks. If you are confused about how to style your kid’s curly hair, you are at the right place. We provide you with the top 8 hairstyles that are the best from the list of Toddler Boy Haircuts you can try on your toddlers. Make sure that the hairstyle you choose is trendy, fashionable, and suits your child’s face.

Style your little man’s curl like a styling icon with these hairstyles:

1.     Mini Mohawk With Curls:

If you want a funky or sporty vibe, opt for the Mohawk haircut. Mini Mohawks suit curly hair the best. Original curls remain in their place, and a mini Mohawk haircut gives them a fashionable edge.

2.     Tapered Cut:

If your toddler has wild locks of curls, a tapered cut is for him. When curls are not tamed, they tend to cover the face more than needed. Tapering on both sides and the neck keeps the hair away from the front. It is the perfect hairstyle to style the wild curls of your baby!

3.     Faded Part Haircut:

If your kid is bored with keeping hair on one side, get him to change with a side part haircut. Give a side part to the hair with a razor and trim a little to tame the curls. Tada! Your uber-cool faded part haircut is ready. Whether it’s the school graduation or a friend’s birthday party, the boy will rock this haircut.

4.     Ivy League:

Give your little boy’s personality a tweak with the Ivy League haircut. It gives your toddler some gentleman charisma with a cute look. You can do ivy League haircuts in any hair type. It keeps the hair neat, charming, and stylish.

5.     Natural Curls With Razor Line:

If you want an edgy haircut for your toddler this season, this is for you. Keep the sides clean and soft, and do a razor line on one side. Keep the hair volume in the middle of the head. This hairstyle is as suitable for a formal event as it is for a casual hangout.

6.      High Bald Fade:

If your toddler has thick curls, go for a high bald fade haircut. Usually, thick coils are difficult to handle, but this haircut can be your saviour. Remove the hair from the side and do a single razor line on both sides. The hair volume will be on top of the head. Not only it makes it easy to manage the hair, but they also give a top-tier look.

7.     Comb Over Hairstyle:

If your kid is into a cool, simple, yet fashionable look these days, go for a comb-over. It is a simple cut that looks great on toddlers as well as babies. Comb over is a trending haircut in formal looks.

8.      High Top Afro:

Afro and curly hair go hand in hand. It is the oldest yet most sought-after look for curly hair. Comb over your toddler’s hair and give them an expression of afro. If your kid has a fun personality with a passion for music and parties, this hairstyle will be best for him.

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