Top 6 Ways to Add Versatility in your Kitchen

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Kitchen countertops are the most indispensable and minor noticeable item in the kitchen. They play an essential role in every kitchen but have you ever thought about getting the look of your countertop so your present will look more awesome. The most important thing that you can feel comfortable with when working in your kitchen is the beauty of your countertop. Nature has always given a stunning look to the interior pieces, but one thing that makes people reluctant to incorporate nature into their interior is its price. 

We have listed some of the facts to follow if you want your kitchen to work tremendously. So let us get started.

Keep it functional

When styling your kitchen countertops, make sure to keep them functional. So many people think that you have to keep every kitchen appliance housed on the countertop. It will make your kitchen look incredibly cluttered, and it also does not look aesthetically pleasing. If you are adorning your countertops, pick those items that are functional. Be very specific with the stuff that you use daily. For instance, you can use a toaster or a coffee maker daily. 

So put your appliance on the countertop to have easy access, but if you are in a smaller place, be sure to pick the item that you can use daily. You can put everything else on a countertop because you do not need them out. It would be a big takeaway from your countertop to keep it functional. 

Whenever you buy kitchen countertops,  make sure that it will give you a beautiful look in your kitchen. When selecting the material for your countertop, the function should always be your top priority. To decide on the material, especially for your kitchen countertop, you first need to assess how you and your family use your kitchen. It would help if you needed something durable, heat resistant, and super strong.

Making your butcher block 

Butcher block countertops when added into your kitchen will become the best countertop that fits your interior. The promising way to do this is by making it yourself. To do this, you only need to get your word and send down all the surfaces and edges. It will make a significant impact on the look of your countertop. 

Perk your countertop up

When you top up your countertop, you do not always need to replace your old countertop with the new one. You can do this by keeping your old countertop and adding a few adornments that can make it look more splendid than it used to be. To make it more valuable and practical, you can place a tray with some color for fruits and veggies. You can also use the tray to hold your kitchen utensils in place. Not only will this tray add a flavor to your kitchen but also incorporate an additional storage solution. 

Besides a tray, you can also turn the mason jar into a vase that holds beautiful flowers. You can put anything on top, but you have to remember not to overwhelm it with various kinds of things. Instead of giving a nice reflection, it will create a haphazard look.

DIY your kitchen countertop

When you are up to buy kitchen countertops, you can go for a marble countertop without being affected by its cost. It would help if you cleaned the count thoroughly before applying the primer. Same with the concrete countertop, it is also not hard to make. The first thing you need to do is create the mold. You can begin with the particleboard for a well-built mold. Then cut out for a cooktop or sink and add sides to your mold. In the end, create a support frame before pouring the countertop. 

Paint laminate kitchen countertop

How amazing it will be for your friends and family to know that your luxurious countertop has laminate paint by yourself. To get this elegant look which is pretty much the same as the fake marble countertop, you do not have to do a lot. It would help if you cleaned the countertop fastidiously before applying the primer. Let it dry and apply the mineral color with a sponge. Let it dry again for approx four to five hours before applying the topcoat sealer. 

Countertop cleaner

The key to getting a stunning countertop is keeping it clean and as good as without investing in a new one. However, you cannot use one cleaner for all of the cost of quartz countertops. For instance, all you need to clean your butcher block is a mixture of vinegar, some salt, and lemon. For the marble countertop, you need warm water and nonabrasive dish soap for cleaning. For granite, you will also need gentle soap and a microfiber cloth.

Final thoughts

Some kitchen countertop ideas will make your kitchen look more impressive than it used to be. Some of the accomplishments can be so low while some others cannot. If you are fond of having natural stone applications but their cost affects you and you cannot afford the real one, you can always go for the replacement. For instance, you can go for the faux stone countertop instead of the laminate countertop. So you can also get assistance from your countertop supplier.