Top 6 kitchen inspirations for the upcoming season

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When we talk about classic white kitchens, it is the end of an era. Some people are officially over white kitchen cabinets and the overall décor. Nevertheless, many homeowners need the inspiration to design their kitchens in the best way possible. Some new and classic kitchen colors would be a great addition to your thought process.

If you are nervous about using vibrant colors for your kitchen cabinetry, mix and match one subtle and one bold color to balance the tone. Moreover, colors like blue, green, red, and pale yellow give a dramatic twist to your formerly white kitchen décor. Several colors and textures can transform the space, from the ceiling to the cabinets to the countertop.

Here are the top six kitchen inspirations for you for the upcoming season:

  1. Blue kitchen island
  2. Navy base cabinets
  3. Greige kitchen cabinets
  4. Sliding doors for pantries
  5. Olive green wooden cabinetry
  6. Black cabinets, gold hardware



The battle between blue and white kitchens continues to confuse most people. In that case, a blue kitchen island in the center of the room would be a perfect choice. It is just the correct balance of bold color and subtle texture with marble countertops. In addition, a blue kitchen island can offer a stunning bold touch to your existing white kitchen. 

Furthermore, the gist is to keep the upper cabinets white. Also, keep the base cabinets grey or a mix of blue. In the end, paint your kitchen island vibrant blue. In this way, it will create a focal point in your cooking space. 


  • Navy base cabinets:


Another idea to inspire you for the upcoming season is to go for navy base cabinets. This cabinet color is the best combo with white and grey upper cabinets. A modern kitchen design consists of all white cabinetry on the upper half of the wall. Moreover, you can keep glass door cabinets on one side and full overlay doors on the other side. 

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Finally, complete this kitchen design with navy base cabinets. In this case, you may opt for shaker-style cabinetry featuring five-door panels and drawers. Silver hardware will look perfect with navy and white cabinets and drawers. 


  • Greige kitchen cabinets:


Greige is one of the most in-demand colors in home décor. Particularly for kitchens, this warm and earthy color tone is all you need for the next season. As you know, fall is all about getting warm and cozy indoors. That is why colors like these fit into any kitchen décor, whether modern or traditional. 

So, go for greige kitchen cabinets in raised panels with gold hardware. In addition, keep the white subway backsplash intact. And display your wooden dishes and spatulas on the counter. 


  • Sliding doors for pantries:


Do you prefer a cupboard or a kitchen pantry? Although very few people opt for pantries these days, it is far better than losing your calm on the budget issue. If you have an old closet full of crap, it is time to turn it into a kitchen pantry. So, sort it up and store your cooking essentials in it. The idea is to use the space you already have. 

Custom kitchen cabinets put a sliding look to your convenience. Not only is it stylish, but it is practical as well. Make sure that the pantry is close to your cooking area. 


  • Olive green wooden cabinetry:


This one is my personal favorite for the coming season. Olive green cabinets are a treat for your eyes. If you want to get inspired and enjoy some compliments, do not miss out on this color. It is a fantastic color for all seasons. Additionally, olive green painted cabinets have easy upkeep. The idea is to keep the entire wooden cabinetry in this color with a white or a beige backdrop. Plus, a wooden floor and a white counter will suffice the style.  


  • Black cabinets, gold hardware:


If you intend to have an instant transformation on budget, go for black cabinets. Having white cabinets is a plus point in this case. Why! Well, black base cabinets are a stark combo for white, tall cabinets. Specifically, if you have glass cabinets, black will take your theme to the next level. Also, pair your stunning black base with gold hardware. Golden handles would be a far better choice than old-fashioned knobs. 

Summing up:

To sum up, some kitchen inspo is all you need to go on with your renovation. Therefore, this post will help you with the top six ideas for the upcoming season. Try a blue kitchen island, navy base cabinets, or go for olive green kitchen cabinets. In addition, grey is a timeless choice for decades to come. Black cabinets with gold hardware are a much-needed combo this year. So, pick any of these kitchen inspirations and feel the difference.