Top 5 Reasons to Become a Nurse

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Are you thinking of entering the health care sector and becoming a nurse? The nursing profession is amazing and diverse. There are countless options to choose from when it comes to nursing, such as RN, LPN, nurse manager, and so on.

Here is a list of five reasons to become a nurse:

Awesome Job Outlook

Simply put, the nursing profession has an amazing job outlook. Given the present circumstances, there is a great chance that the employment of RNs and LPNs is projected to grow by a higher percentage until 2024, and the growth will be at a much faster rate than the average of other professions.

Although some aspects are going to have a competitive job market, the demand for health care is least likely to go down. In contrast to other jobs, the nursing career tends to be resistant to financial downturns.

You Earn a Competitive Salary

A few years back, the average salary of LPN was about $45,000, whereas the average salary of RNs was about $73,000. Besides, nurses have numerous benefits, including healthcare plans, paid leaves, retirement plans, and more.

Reasonable Education Needs

Another reason to adopt the nursing profession revolves around the educational requirements of nurses that are quite reasonable. That said, if you want to choose a nursing career, you are definitely not spending your entire adult life in college – which is great. Check out this LPN to RN bridge.

Suppose you want to become an LPN (licensed practical nurse); you can do this in as little as twelve months. Also, if you want to become a registered nurse – an RN, you can do so somewhere between two to four years, depending on if you get an associate or bachelor’s degree.

You Have Many Specialization Options

A great aspect of the nursing profession is that you have many nursing specialties to choose from. For instance, you can choose to become a legal consultant, a nurse researcher, a floor nurse, an educator, a school nurse, flight nurse, oncology nurse, labor and delivery nurse, travel nurse, and so on.

Believe us when we tell you that this list of potential options can go on and on. Do you want to know another great thing? You can switch specialties if you start to get burned out. Typically, you are allowed to switch specialties every few years.

You can also leave your nursing degree and opt for managerial and business options – you get the point: the options are countless, and your career will never get limited to one thing alone.

Career Growth Guaranteed

As mentioned before, the nursing career comprises an amazing job outlook, which also indicates that this profession provides amazing opportunities for career growth. If you choose the nursing profession, you can also advance into leadership positions. For instance, you can become a nurse manager or even a charge nurse.

Besides, you have the option to pursue advanced degrees and become an advanced practicing RN. This way, you can enter other professions, such as certified nurse midwives, CRNA, nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist.

In other words, there are plenty of opportunities for you to grow in your nursing career.